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One of our as a medical repatriation UK service provider is to guarantee medical repatriation service. We always use experienced medical staff and make sure that our aircraft, helicopters, and ambulances are equipped with the latest technology and qualified pilots.

It goes without saying that rigorous compliance with all maintenance and inspection deadlines is of central importance to us. In the aviation sector, the most stringent safety regulations apply worldwide. Our strict adherence to these regulations already ensures the highest level of safety for our patients. Nevertheless, we also recognise the value of carrying out additional unscheduled checks, in the interests of everyone involved.

For us, safety begins long before the flight: even in the organisational phase we already maintain the highest quality standards. We plan all flights centrally from our headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. This guarantee proven 'Made in Germany' standards during every step of the process. To ensure this quality and therefore , we adhere to all aspects of the ISO-9001 Quality Management Standard in our daily work.

Flight Safety Foundation

We also support the worldwide effort to improve safety in aviation through our partnership with the Flight Safety Foundation. This non-profit organisation promotes innovative technology, scientific studies, and binding guidelines to ensure aviation safety. The foundation is active all over the world and has more than 1,000 member organisations from 150 countries. The fact that so many organisations with different economic, cultural, and political interests are committed to furthering aviation safety gives the aims and concerns of the Flight Safety Foundation great influence all over the world. We share these aims and concerns wholeheartedly and we are therefore proud to be a part of this important partnership.