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Why is Medical Repatriation UK the best medical flight company?

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Why is Medical Repatriation UK the best medical flight company?

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Medical Repatriation UK is with you from the first moment of your medical emergency! We provide a wide range of 24-hour medical flight services, featuring first-class medical aircraft, embarking specialised medical teams and experienced pilots to ensure the best possible care. We also provide you with a multitude of highly precise medical equipment adapted to your needs. Our team will handle every detail until you arrive at your final destination as quickly as possible. If you are attempting to return a relative home or are seeking for assistance pertinent to your repatriation/evacuation while suffering from a medical condition that prevents you from flying on a commercial flight, please read on to learn more about the services we can offer you.

Medical flights, a brief overview of our aircraft

A medical flight, also known as an air ambulance, is essentially a mobile, extensive intensive-care service provided on a flight. The aeromedical means of transportation, which can be fixed-winged or rotor-winged (helicopters), are outfitted with a senior medical team and cutting-edge medical technology. They are designed to pick up patients from anywhere in the world and deliver them to where they can receive the treatment they require in the safest way and shortest amount of time possible.

You could say that a commercial flight can also transport a patient from one end of the world to another. While this is not entirely incorrect, the contrasts between private medical air transport and commercial flights continue to be as surprising as they are numerous.

How do our private medical flights differ from scheduled airliners?

Let us start with commercial flights. It is not impossible that scheduled airliners carry patients with various medical conditions. However, it is essential to point out that these medical conditions are, for the most part, benign and pose little or no risk of complications during the flight, especially if it is a long-distance one. Medical Repatriation UK's aero-medical transports, on the other hand, are specifically designed for the transfer of injured and ill patients, even if their situation is critical and their condition is unstable. Whether you are recovering from a heart attack or suffering from a stroke or pulmonary fibrosis, we will transfer you from your holiday destination to the nearest hospital with better medical carel or a suitable health facility in your home country. Furthermore, whereas regular airlines will not transport patients with a contagious infection like Covid-19, we will!

The modern medical equipment and special isolation devices we carry on board our aircraft allow us to transport critically ill and highly contagious patients. Our ambulance aircraft are equipped with multi-parameter intensive care transport monitors, multifunction electrocardiographs, pulse oximeters, portable blood analysers, artificial respirators, defibrillators, infusion devices, and a stock of essential medicines. On the other hand, only a few pieces of medical equipment are permitted on-board scheduled flights. Crutches, walking sticks, walkers, syringes, concentrators, and ventilators make up the majority of this equipment. 

ambulance jet

The on-board crew's experience is also a consideration. Flight crews on commercial aircraft have almost no experience in aviation medicine. Indeed, they are not properly trained to deal with passenger health issues that may arise during a flight. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to request one of our medical escorts. However, their scope of action will be limited, once again, by a predefined list of the medical equipment permitted on board. The opposite is true for Medical Repatriation UK’s flight crew. In this sense, our medical teams consist of a doctor and a paramedic with expertise in both aviation medicine and a variety of medical conditions. Paediatric specialists are also part of our team. Book your medical repatriation or evacuation with us and have peace of mind knowing that you will be accompanied by medical professionals who are specialists in the condition you are suffering from!

Time is also of the essence, particularly when transporting critically ill patients. Passengers who travel by commercial flights must go through umpteen administrative procedures such as immigration, boarding, and customs, among other things. They are also vulnerable to unforeseen events such as flight delays or transits. Traveling with Medical Repatriation UK eliminates all of the hassle. There will be no more transits or unforeseen events that will cause your flight to be delayed. Before each flight, our teams of technicians collaborate to determine not only the best route, but also the quickest mode of transport suited to your needs. In addition, you will no longer have to deal with the never-ending lines that are non-existent in private terminals.

Do you want to learn more about the advantages of traveling with us? Please allow us to introduce you to our other benefits.

Medical Repatriation UK, a quick recap of our services

Aside from our cutting-edge medical equipment and multi-disciplinary medical teams, there are numerous advantages to traveling with Medical Repatriation UK:

Commitment 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day

Our air ambulances and medical consultation services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at any time to inquire about or obtain more information about the medical flight or inter-hospital transfer you require. Any communication or request will be fully addressed quickly and with the utmost care. Call us directly or fill out the online form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Medical aircraft on a worldwide scale

Medical Repatriation UK ensures that you or your loved ones are in the best possible hands and receive the best medical air transport available to attend to your medical emergency at any time, but also anywhere in the world, thanks to our diverse fleet of aircraft ranging from small to large. International clients can contact us even if they are stranded in a country where scheduled flights have been cancelled due to Covid-19 border restrictions. Of course, permission from the proper authorities may be required.

Bed-to-bed services

While assessing the sum of your needs so as to provide you with the best service possible, Not only does Medical Repatriation UK  match all of the required factors and equipment to make sure you remain stable during your flight but we also coordinate land transfers from your location to the airport in the event that you are unable to make the necessary arrangements yourself due to lack of experience. During both the ground and air transportation, our medical team will communicate with your attending physician as well as the health care facility receiving you so you can be completely confident of  your safe return home.

ground ambulance

Our multilingual team

Coordination of a transfer in a foreign country can sometimes be hampered by communication problems due to language barriers. This is why Medical Repatriation UK employs professional interpreters and multilingual staff to help with coordination with local authorities and medical institutions.

After-sales services

Our mission does not end when we drop you off at your home or a healthcare facility. Close to our patients and concerned about their well-being, we will call you or contact the hospital where you are staying to ensure that you are stable and on the road to recovery.

Do you have any other questions?

We address many of the most frequently asked questions about medical repatriation and patient transfers in our FAQ.

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