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Where to obtain funding for an air ambulance?

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Where to obtain funding for an air ambulance?

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An air ambulance, in most, if not all, cases is a necessity. It is not a symbol of grandeur or richness. Instead, it shows the inability to travel as everyone normally would because of a medical condition. For patients, travelling is a necessity, whether it is to obtain medical treatment or to get back home to recover. In these cases, they travel via air ambulances, since these are the only option that will guarantee their safety or even survival. Air ambulances are an opportunity for them to obtain efficient treatment usually not available. 

Medical Repatriation UK calculates the cost of an air ambulance flight based on several factors. We will explore medical flight costs are calculated. Instead of paying for it on your own, you can look for external funding sourcing such as medical loans, crowdfunding platforms, NGOs or credit card companies to fund your medical flight to or from the UK. 

Why is an air ambulance safe for patient transport? 

In comparison to commercial flights, air ambulances are fitted with all the necessary medical equipment to ensure that a patient’s medical condition is stable and that he is safe throughout the patient transportation flight. In fact, even ICU patients can fly on these medical planes since they are equipped in a similar way to Intensive Care Units. 

patient in air ambulance

Some of the equipment available in an air ambulance are:

  • Respirator
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Intubation equipment
  • Ventilator
  • Pacemakers
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Built-in Medical Oxygen

The above is a non-exhaustive list. The added benefit of dealing with an expert air ambulance provider like Medical Repatriation UK is that the company is able to bring in additional equipment based on the patient’s condition. For example, we have pediatric incubators for babies or special isolation shells for Covid-19 positive patients. Onboard an air ambulance are medical professionals, like doctors and paramedics, ensuring the supervision and safety of patients. 

How much does an air ambulance cost? 

The price of a medical flight is not pre-determined. The costs of an air ambulance vary for each case depending on the situation. At Medical Repatriation UK, ensuring that there is no overcharge for services not required, we calculate the price of each medical flight after a free consultation to assess the situation and to determine exactly the type of medical transport required for this particular patient. 

We calculate the price of each air ambulance flight based on the following factors: 

  • Route of the air ambulance flight: which is based on the location and destination of the patient
  • Condition of the patient: which would determine whether additional equipment or specialist doctors are needed
  • Size of the aircraft, a bigger airplane being more expensive
  • Urgency of the mission
  • Ground transportation 

After taking into consideration the above factors, our aviation experts will send you a non-binding quotation for the flight. 

Air ambulance funding: how to pay for a medical flight? 

While there are various options to fund your medical flight, most of our clients pay for their air ambulance flight out-of-pocket. This is the fastest way to settle the bill of an air ambulance flight and it expedites the process. The payment is usually done via bank transfer. 

Nonetheless, in many cases, since a medical emergency is unplanned, individuals may have to look for fundings from external sources. Some funding ideas for air ambulance flights are:

  • Credit card 
  • Insurance
  • Crowdfunding
  • NGOs
  • Medical loans

medical transport payment

Credit card

Depending on your credit card limit and your spending/ repayment habits, there is the possibility of paying for your air ambulance flight via credit card. There is also the option of negotiating with your financial institution to increase the limit on your card to make the payment of the air ambulance flight. 


In some cases, your medical or travel insurance will cover the costs, or the partial costs, of the air ambulance flight. However, that is not always the case. It depends on the coverage and the stipulations in your contract or insurance policy. That is why it is always recommended to take travel insurance covering medical repatriation whenever you are travelling. Keep yourself informed about insurance coverage if you have travel plans. 


Should you not have adequate means to fund your medical flight, a newly popular option is Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a popular and efficient method of collecting funds for a particular project. It allows you to target a huge number of people over the internet. You just have to present your case via a crowdfunding platform and users, either in the UK, or across the world if you choose an international platform, will contribute to this particular cause.

Some examples of popular crowdfunding platforms are: 

NGOs for you 

These are non-governmental organisations designed to help individuals with various needs including funding for Air Ambulance Services. There are organisations dedicated to specific causes or others with a more general approach. Some examples of global NGOs helping people cover the costs of their medical needs are the HealthWell Foundation or the PAN Foundation.

Medical loans

Considering that air ambulances and treatment abroad are a matter of life and death in some cases, medical loans are a funding option for your medical flight. While a bit rarer in the UK because medical treatments are covered by the NHS, there are cases, such as medical repatriation, which have to be borne privately. In these situations, taking a medical loan to spread of the costs of the air ambulance flight is feasible. 

Some examples of institutions offering medical loans in the UK are: 

air ambulance cost

How to save some money when booking an air ambulance flight? 

It is completely normal to try to make some savings when booking an air ambulance flights. This is possible if you can afford to be flexible, depending on your case, on certain aspects of the flight. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you reduce the costs of your air ambulance flight:

Opt for a smaller airplane

You might wish for a bigger airplane to have more accompanying persons or to avoid fuel stops on the way. However, this will increase the cost of the medical flight. Considering that there will be a doctor and a paramedic to take care of the patient during the flight, you can opt to have only one or no accompanying persons so that a smaller airplane can be used to decrease the charges.

Be flexible on the departure date

Being flexible on the departure date allows our aviation experts more freedom to devise the most affordable air ambulance solution for you. When dealing with the logistics of the flight, they can check the availability of aircraft which are closer to the departure point and schedule a coincident departure date. 

air ambulance plane

Fly to a closer destination

If you were on holiday in a remote far-away country with very low-quality health services and following an emergency, you wish to get back to the UK for treatment, instead of flying all the way back to the UK, you can fly to a closer destination with good quality care. This will reduce the cost of the air ambulance flight. After recovery, you can fly back to the UK on a normal commercial flight. 

Contact us if you need medical repatriation to the UK

If you need an air ambulance to or from the UK, get in touch with us. Being experienced in the field, we have been able to build a network that would allow us to devise the most cost-effective solution for you. Our agents are available 24/7 to listen to your needs and assist you. Contact them on: 

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