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What kind of air ambulance costs should I expect?

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What kind of air ambulance costs should I expect?

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Depending on your state of health, there are always several possibilities to choose from for medical repatriation by air. Following initial treatment for an accident abroad, for example, you might wish to continue treatment at a hospital near your home. Trust in the doctors in your home country and the desire to be close to your family are arguments in favour of transferring you to your desired hospital by air ambulance.

Mit welchen Ambulanzflug Kosten muss ich rechnen?

At this point, you will be flown under medical supervision, either seated or lying down. If your health permits, the medical repatriation can, in some cases, also take place in a scheduled airliner, where you are given your own screened off compartment. Our ambulance aircraft are in operation worldwide and can also be used for short-term operations and long distances.

In a time-critical emergency, ambulance helicopters are often used for short distances. They can land directly on the grounds of the hospital, pick you up and fly to the target hospital. The following is an overview of how the costs of an air ambulance flight are put together.

Composition of ambulance flight costs

We calculate the costs for each mission individually, depending on various factors. At this point, we would like to give you a small insight into which parameters play a part in calculating the flight costs.

Flight route

As with other flights, with an air ambulance flight, the distance between the departure airport and the destination airport is an important factor in calculating the costs. However, there is no flat rate per kilometre of the route. Instead, we calculate the costs individually.

Your health condition

The medical staff are selected and the air ambulance equipment is adjusted according to your health condition. For intensive care patients, for example, highly specialised intensive care doctors and extensive intensive care medical equipment are used. This can increase the cost of the ambulance flight.

Short lead times

We can undertake assignments at extremely short notice: we can be ready for departure on the same day or the next. However, the actual location of the various ambulance aircraft at a particular time could necessitate the use of a larger aircraft or one that is further away. This may also have an impact on ambulance flight costs. The more predictable a flight is, the better we can coordinate the flights and the cheaper the costs could prove to be.

Accompanying persons

Many patients would like to be accompanied by people they are familiar with. We are happy to take care of the accompanying persons when we organise the flight. One companion can usually fly for free. If several friends or relatives would like to accompany you on the flight, we will gladly deploy a larger ambulance aircraft. However, a larger air ambulance is usually more expensive, so the ambulance flight costs also depend on the number of accompanying persons.

Ground transport

In most cases, we organise patient repatriation from bed to bed. Therefore, with air ambulance flights, it is necessary to organise appropriate ground transports in emergency vehicles or ground ambulances, for example from the hospital to the airport. Helicopters can take off and land directly at the hospital so that with a helicopter flight the ground transportation costs are eliminated.

Does my insurance cover the air ambulance costs?

Insurance companies always decide on whether they will accept the costs for an air ambulance flight on an individual basis. The deciding factor is usually whether the patient repatriation is assessed as 'medically necessary' or 'medically reasonable'. We would be happy to advise you by telephone on how to make an insurance claim and which documents are required.

Of course, we will stand by you if your claim is rejected. In this case, we would carry out the ambulance flight outside the scope of the insurance cover and would provide you with a fair and transparent cost estimate. You do not need any form of membership for this.

The cost of your air ambulance flight

We will gladly calculate the costs of your air ambulance flight for you free of charge and without obligation. We look forward to your enquiry and will send you an individual cost estimate within a very short time. Regardless of whether you are planning an air ambulance flight in the longer term or whether this is an emergency, you can reach our team every day, 24 hours a day, and we will be happy to take the time to give you an individual consultation.

Contact us now about your medical repatriation

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