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What is an Air Ambulance Company?

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What is an Air Ambulance Company?

Do you know what an air ambulance is? Well, it is lifesaving transportation – that is primarily used to transport the sick and injured patients for both short or long-distance travels in case of medical emergencies. 

An air ambulance is equipped with almost all the related materials/ tools that are required for emergency repartition while also ensuring specialised medical personnel are onboard to ensure the safest journey to destination.Usually, there are two different types of air ambulances that are being used for medical transport in the UK – one are air ambulance helicopters and the others are fixed-wing aeroplanes. People may use both depending upon the emergency requirements and recommendations by medical consultants. Any age group of people can be in need of the air ambulance - in fact, anyone might want to get transported from a remote area and benefit from an air ambulance as it is possible that there is not enough professional medical care available on the spot. This is particularly true for British citizens abroad. 

Medevac or medical evacuation is often proposed if there is a large-scale incident with a higher number of affected people or there is a small-scale incident when there is a critical need to transport patients abroad/ to the UK. Especially, there are situations when airbus services are required for children as they will need immediate care. So, there is even no compromise for a fraction of a second.

What is the Cost of Medical Repatriation Services to the UK?

Medical repatriation services in the UK can be costly, but companies like Medical Repatriation UK are renowned for trying their best to provide a high level of safe and quick travel at an affordable rate. Our services are efficient and well-in-time. We are available to stand with patients and their relatives in stressful times - taking care of the emotional as well as physical needs.

What to Do If Your Insurance Does Not Cover Air Ambulance?

According to a survey, there are numerous people in the UK who opt for air ambulance services. However, with all the facilities, the cost of air ambulance in the UK becomes quite high and most of the health insurance companies don’t cover repatriation insurance – this can be quite disturbing in times of emergency. But Medical Reparation UK will still provide the patients their services even if that is not covered in insurance.

How do We Calculate Repatriation Costs?

We have experts in the medical repatriation field to calculate the costs of repartition services – usually, we consider the patient’s condition, the total distance of the journey, the requirement of medical resources, and the number of people who are accompanying the patient. After considering all these factors, we offer an appropriate estimate of the air ambulance service.

Why Trust Us?

You can book us for a reliable and safe experience. We are here to repatriate your loved ones immediately in case of injury or illness abroad. For us, every patient’s life is important. Whether you want a reparation air ambulance service of a stable patient or there is some critical condition, we will try our best to bring optimum care to you.

Our 24-hour service is always available to assist you. We will be happy to advise you and, upon request, will provide you with a non-binding quotation for your medical repatriation. Contact us now: