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VIP Air Ambulance Service

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VIP Air Ambulance Service

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An Air ambulance is like a private airplane – should any medical emergency happens to someone in a foreign country or a remote land away from the loved ones, then people look for medical repatriation services. So far, the air ambulance is the most convenient and direct way of returning home for treatment.

Based on your choice and circumstances, the air ambulance can be a private plane, or it can be a helicopter that has been modified with specific equipment/ tools – almost all necessary emergency medical equipment is available on the flight. Medical Repatriation UK utilizes a high-quality network of aircraft for global travel all across the world. Hence, we can offer VIP air ambulance services on private charter flights. 

During a medical emergency, time is of great importance and our team at Medical Repatriation UK realizes the cruciality of the situation, therefore, we try our best to organize VIP charter flights within hours of your call. All our aircraft are carefully designed by specialists so that the patients can get optimum medical treatment on private aircraft, whether it is short-distance travel or long-distance travel. In addition, a qualified team of experts will accompany the patients on the private chartered flights for providing emergency care during the flight. 

The case to opt for a VIP Air Ambulance is clear: 

  • Luxury alongside state-of-the-art medical facilities
  • More comfort and room bespoke for your personal needs
  • Capacity for more than one accompanying relative
  • Discrete transfers & attentive medical care
  • Bigger flight range (and less fuel stops to speed up your repatriation)

How to Book VIP Air Ambulance Services? 

The procedure for booking VIP air ambulance services through Medical Repatriation UK is quite systematic – at first, we listen carefully to the requirements of our clients and then undergo homework at our end to advise them on the best services. We will initially provide a cost estimate as well so that you can get input from your loved ones and discuss the details.

Our team is always at your disposal – you can contact us any time for our VIP Air ambulance services. Once you trust us, it is our duty to provide you a complete repatriation plan along with the helpful tips that you need to know for making the chartered flight more comfortable for your loved ones. If you want to accompany them, you can tell us – after evaluating the scenario, our experts will tell you the possibility.

Why Us?

While choosing Medical Repatriation UK, rest assured that we take complete responsibility for your medical care. In fact, we guarantee swift bed-to-bed services. As your private chartered flight takes off to fly you to your destination airport, our qualified medical flight team will keep on monitoring the patient’s situation. Our aircraft have bespoke equipment to deal with almost all kinds of medical emergencies and to meet all kinds of patient needs. Once you land off at your destined airport, we will take you to the target hospital and will hand you over to the attending doctors over there.

So, if you are looking for VIP medical repatriation services for yourself or your loved ones, our free consultation services are available 24/7 for cost estimates and repatriation plan discussions. Our aviation consultants are well-trained to answer all your queries regarding VIP air ambulance services provided by Medical Repatriation UK.

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