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UK Air ambulance companies - How to pick a reliable partner during emergencies?

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UK Air ambulance companies - How to pick a reliable partner during emergencies?

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When it comes to saving a life, time is one of the most important factors for both patients and doctors. The sooner doctors assist a patient, the more are the chances of saving a life. But what if you need specialist care back home and the most adequate healthcare facilities are not available in your current location? This article will cover some of the most important elements to consider for British citizens looking for a reliable air ambulance company for their repatriation back home.

What are air ambulances and what do air ambulance companies do?

For British nationals, this often means repatriating a sick or injured citizen back home where more advanced medical care and treatment is readily available.

Individuals charter air ambulance companies as such means of transport can be quickly mobilized for emergency support and provide a level of comfort unmatchable by standard commercial airliners when transporting sick or injured patients. Companies like ours have trained medical personnel ensuring a sick or injured individual as well as a can get medical attention until he/she arrives at the hospital in the event of a complication throughout the flight. For the relatives on the ground during a flight, a team of repatriation specialists are always a phone call away to provide guidance and flight related support in these enduring times. 

These days emergency repatriations back to the UK have become quite common. Like if a person falls ill during a holiday, it might not be easy to transfer the patient easily back to the UK through a standard commercial flight. Moreover, some travelers need repatriation by air ambulance companies in case of accidents, illness, or injuries given their need to be constantly supervised by professional staff ready to intervene in case of emergencies or complications throughout a flight.

Different types of air ambulance aircraft exist to get you back to the UK:

An air ambulance plane can either be a turboprop or a jet plane. Both are professionally equipped with the necessary equipment used for air medical services, like that of an intensive care ward. Moreover, companies like Medical Repatriation UK can ensure that the medical equipment of our air ambulance planes be fitted to a patient’s need both for our turboprop or jet flights.

You must however know that a turboprop plane is often slower than a jet plane but it is a cheaper alternative for transport. Moreover, it is perfect to use for transporting or landing at small airports or for shorter flights.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that jet-planes provide the advantage of speed and range in transport. For long distance medical repatriations, a jet plane is the  preferred choice. It is important to understand that for emergency medical services, both of these aircrafts provide many advantages. People can even choose the one they prefer. But, if you are having confusion in deciding, then contact us and discuss your medical situation in advance and we shall guide you on your best option for a swift repatriation back to the UK.

How to pick a professional air ambulance company and what matters?

Air medical travel is nowadays a well-known health care service but choosing a reliable company can be difficult. You should understand the important key factors that you should ask before choosing an air ambulance company:

  • Is your company a member of the Air Charter Association?
  • Is the company’s quality management certified according to ISO 9001 standards?
  • Which type of aircraft are available? Can the company tailor cabin pressurization for your needs?
  • Is the transport team highly experienced? Have they got all the necessary medical training required during transfer?
  • Will the medical team be in contact with the destination hospital throughout the transportation?
  • Will the team have all necessary equipment, monitors for evaluation, or even oxygen available?
  • Will you be provided a dedicated aviation specialist who will guide you and provide you support throughout the whole flight?

These are some of the key questions that will help you pick the best professional air ambulance company should the need occur.

Why chartering an Air ambulance is often necessary for British patients:

You might wonder whether chartering an air ambulance is even necessary in your case? Can’t you just use any other alternatives? It is important to understand that matters a lot. And to make sure that the patient is okay during the transfer you will need the best care possible by medical experts throughout the complete journey.

Air ambulance services are known for their speed, convenience and safety, important to save a patient life while providing a stress-free experience to the convalescent’s relatives. You must know that in an air ambulance, you or your loved ones will get the best care, attention, and medical equipment throughout the whole trip- You cannot expect the same experience from any other standard alternative. To make sure that the patient is safe and can reach a British hospital immediately upon arrival, it is vital to choose an air ambulance as the ideal option for peace of mind and above all, safety.

Another benefit of air ambulances is that they are available worldwide. You just have to book them based on your scenario, location and destination. Our specialist medical team chooses which air ambulance type is most adequate for your needs based on your medical record. With 24/7 availability, you can book an air ambulance for emergency services from around the world.

Why are we an ideal choice for emergency medical repatriation back to the UK?

When you choose Medical Repatriation UK, rest assured that you are in safe hands. We are experts in repatriations back to the United Kingdom and make sure that you get the best medical care with a stress-free bed-to-bed service. Our flights have all the necessary equipment that a patient can need during the transfer, and we make sure that these are bespoke fitted for your unique medical condition.

Being a top air ambulance company worldwide, we make sure that our patients are getting the best care. You can book us for a safe and reliable experience. We provide worldwide transfers available 24/7 for our customers. We provide personal support, maximum relief to our patients, and experienced staff to ensure the best repatriation experience possible. We are here to repatriate your loved ones immediately in case of injury or illness abroad. For us, every patient’s life is important.

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