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Skiing Accident Abroad – What to Do?

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Skiing Accident Abroad – What to Do?

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Skiing is a favourite holiday activity in winter and there is a huge influx of tourists. People love to spend their precious holidays skiing across the border. As amazing as it sounds, skiing in the Alpines is risky – and there are frequent accidents observed during skiing or snowboarding. These accidents are of multiple types – some patients have less critical medical conditions such as broken bones or knee injuries while others can suffer from severe medical conditions such as traumatic cranial or brain injuries.  

Medical Rescue After a Skiing Accident 

In case of a serious skiing accident, the need for an operation and hospital treatment becomes quite inevitable. Generally, the patients are reluctant in getting medical treatment abroad and wish to reach their home country. Actually, after an accident one longs for moral support from their relatives and friends. Moreover, there is no language barrier between the doctor and him, so he wishes to fly to his home country as quickly as possible – it raises the need for a trustworthy and reliable medical repatriation service. 

This is when the need for companies like Medical Repatriation UK becomes clear. We are an Air Ambulance company that helps patients get treatments back home swiftly and smoothly in case of emergencies. We provide a full bed to bed service once a ski-injury patient has been brought to his local hospital and requires to be repatriated back to his home hospital for further care. 

Medical Repatriation After a Skiing Injury

When you contact us for medical repatriation services, we will assist you and suggest you based upon the serious nature of your injury as there are various specialized methods available for medical repatriation. Various factors will determine which method needs to be adopted as we also need to take into account the cost for medical repatriation and repatriation insurance.  

Following are some specialized vehicles present in our fleet:

Ambulance Jet

An ambulance jet is required after a serious ski injury as it is the quickest way of transportation. Our air ambulance jet is well-equipped to allow safe transportation of patients and has all the facilities that are available in today’s intensive care units. Moreover, an expert medical crew is also present in-flight who takes care of the patient’s health throughout the flight duration. We try our best to make your travel home the fastest and safest after the skiing accident.

Scheduled Flight

If the patient does not require immediate intensive medical care, then we offer a cost-effective method of medical repatriation. We arrange a specialist medical flight attendant who takes responsibility for the patient’s wellbeing throughout the flight and stays by his side. If the doctor recommends that the patient can only travel while lying down, then a stretcher bed is installed in the aircraft for comfortable travel.

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