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Private International Air Ambulance for Children

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Private International Air Ambulance for Children

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Do You Need A Private Air Ambulance for Your Child?

It can be one of the worst things in the world to have your precious young one sustain an injury or fall ill at a time when you are all enjoying some bonding time abroad. The fact is, as strong and agile as your child is, they are more susceptible to these injuries and illnesses, especially in a foreign environment. Your child(ren) deserves the best care as soon as they need it and that can be a herculean task when you are far away from the medical care they deserve. A private international air ambulance is your best bet to get your child back home to the UK.

What Exactly Is A Private International Air Ambulance?

Bombardier Learjet 35

It’s an aircraft, usually a jet or a helicopter, outfitted with the needed medical equipment and medical staff on-board to get you or your loved ones medical treatment that requires long-distance patient travel, in less time. A private international air ambulance is the ideal medical care transport for you and your children included, who need special or ICU care as it is equipped with the best medical equipment and personnel to attend to them while getting you back to the UK for adequate medical treatment.  

Why Should You Use Medical Repatriation UK for Private International Air Ambulances for Children?

We provide top of the range, quick response, and customer efficient air ambulance services for domestic and international patient transports. We provide the best inflight medical care for your children with 24/7 response, well-equipped air ambulances worldwide, experienced medical staff and great customer care to make your child’s air ambulance repatriation process swift, safe, and comfortable. Permits and documents you need to facilitate air ambulance travel and even ground ambulance transportation to get to the aircraft and the hospital at the desired destination, domestic and international, are easy to acquire for our amazing team. Our connections with major airports and smaller airfields all over the world ensure that we reach you where you are and can take you where you need to go for the best medical care available for long-distance patient transport.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Private International Air Ambulance for Children?

A huge challenge is usually the question of whether private international air ambulance service for children is covered by your insurance company. Unfortunately, most insurance companies may not cover this.

Your insurance company may agree to cover the cost of only medically necessary patient transport. In our experience, the criteria for medically necessary transport vary across insurance companies. Some insurance companies will agree to cover the total or partial cost of medical air ambulance repatriation based on these terms. This also depends on whether medical repatriation service required is within the UK, or international, and other factors like what we consider in preparing the cost of service tailored to your children’s needs.

Before you book an air ambulance for your child with us, it is advised that you reach out to your insurance provider to check in with them on how much of the cost they can cover. If you are not on an insurance plan that can cover the cost of medical air transport for your child, you may request to be placed on one. Our team is always available to discuss details of your insurance coverage with you.

What Affects the Cost of Private International Air Ambulance Services for Children Without Insurance?

If the costs of private international air ambulance service for your child is not covered by your insurance company, we will still respond to your child’s emergency need for medical repatriation and provide our services at the best rates for you. Here is how we determine what the cost of our services:

Your Child’s state of health and required medical personnel

The severity of your child’s medical needs determines the specialised equipment and experienced medical personnel the private air ambulance will be equipped with. Usually, children requiring special or ICU care typically require a private air ambulance jet or helicopter to transport them to the desired medical facility.

The number of people accompanying your child

Your child will need to be accompanied by you or their guardian at this critical point in their life. The number of additional passengers will determine the aircraft size needed for the transport, which will in turn influence the costs.

Flight route and distance

The route and distance the private aircraft will have to travel also factor in the cost of the private international air ambulance for children’s needs.

Type of aircraft required

Private air ambulance transportation is usually in a private ambulance jet or a helicopter ambulance. A private ambulance jet is requested when your child is in a critical condition needing special care and faster lead time to get to the destination hospital. If your child is in a situation where time is of the essence and medical repatriation is a short-distance trip, an ambulance helicopter will land at the hospital where your child is located and fly them straight to the destination hospital in the shortest time possible.

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