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Patient Transfer from Pakistan with Medical Repatriation UK

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Patient Transfer from Pakistan with Medical Repatriation UK

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According to the British census of 2011, almost 1.2 million people in the UK had their roots in Pakistan. Many of them visit Pakistan regularly – either because they still have family there or because they want to visit the country of their ancestors.

But what happens in the event of an accident or a sudden illness? Medical care in many areas of Pakistan is not as good as it is in the UK. Therefore, patient repatriation from Pakistan to the UK is often necessary in these cases. Medical Repatriation UK can fly patients quickly and unbureaucratically back to their home country, whether they have insurance or not.

Patient Transfer from Pakistan with Medical Repatriation UK

Medical standards in Pakistan

Regardless of whether you have had an accident in Pakistan or have suddenly been taken ill, you cannot expect the same medical standards as in the UK. Now and again, you meet doctors in Pakistani hospitals who have been trained in the UK but that is not the norm.

For this reason, after their initial care in Pakistan, many patients wish to have further treatment in the UK. If your health condition does not allow you to return under your own steam, Medical Repatriation UK can help. Our services as part of medical repatriation from Pakistan include:

  • planning and carrying out the journey in the ambulance aircraft
  • communicating with the doctors treating the patient
  • handling all official communication
  • bed-to-bed patient transport

When British Pakistanis fall ill during a family visit

People of Pakistani origin often have a strong sense of home and travel to Pakistan several times a year. They live and work in the UK and are also insured there. If an accident occurs in Pakistan their overseas health insurance will take effect. However, it often does not cover all the costs.

If medical repatriation from Pakistan is on the cards, some insurance companies like to take advantage of a grey area: only 'medically necessary' patient repatriations will be covered. The doctors employed by the insurance company are the ones who decide what is medically necessary. If the insurer has refused to take on the costs, patients or relatives can contact Medical Repatriation UK. We can fly you back to the UK for further treatment, even without valid insurance.

How do I organise a medical repatriation from Pakistan?

Call our service number and let us advise you free of charge on your medical repatriation by air ambulance or scheduled airliner. Once you have decided on one of the options we offer, we will immediately organise your medical repatriation from Pakistan from bed to bed. The aircraft or helicopter will be fitted with modern technical equipment and the flight will be accompanied by experienced medical staff. Both the equipment and the composition of the medical team will be adapted to your medical condition.

How much does a medical repatriation from Pakistan cost?

The cost of medical repatriation from Pakistan depends on various factors. These include the state of your health, the urgency of your request and the number of accompanying persons. Of course, the distance to be covered also plays an important role. Hence, we calculate every quotation individually.

Any further questions?

For more information about medically-accompanied patient repatriations we recommend our FAQ. We have compiled the answers to many common questions for you here.

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