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Our bed-to-bed service: its benefits and how you gain from them

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Our bed-to-bed service: its benefits and how you gain from them

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Medical Repatriation UK provides a comprehensive range of air ambulances dedicated to repatriation and medevac flights to and from the United Kingdom. Our bed-to-bed service is one of our all-inclusive services that distinguishes us from other medical flight providers. Our knowledgeable and friendly case managers, who are available 24 hours a day, will plan your transfer from start to finish and tailor your long-distance patient transportation to your specific needs in a timely manner. Our procedure is straightforward, and we make certain to prioritise patient care and security, as well as quality service, with no hidden costs.

The key points of this article about the benefits of our bed-to-bed-service:

  • Bed-to-bed service entails managing the entire medical transfer process, including ground ambulance transportation between healthcare facilities and airports.
  • This service allows you to benefit greatly: 24/7 availability, all-inclusive services, a diverse fleet of ambulances, no hidden costs and so on.

What does our bed-to-bed service mean?

By opting for it, our bed-to-bed service means that as soon as your reservation is confirmed, we handle the entire medical flight process, including transfers between healthcare facilities and airports via our ground ambulances.

When selecting an air medical transport company, look for one that provides bed-to-bed service. Indeed, if you or a loved one is suffering from a serious illness or injury, or are simply too frail to withstand the rigours of a commercial flight, you can rely on Medical Repatriation UK's bed-to-bed service to travel safely to a medical care facility within the UK or from abroad to the UK.

Our bed-to-bed transfer service includes all transports between hospitals and airports in modern and fully equipped ground ambulances. Because the same stretcher can be used for both ground transportation and medical flights, this option allows patients to travel long distances in a safe, comfortable, and respectful manner. As a result, the patient is usually only moved twice during transportation: once from the departure destination bed to the stretcher and once from the stretcher to the receiving destination bed.

ground ambulance

In general, our bed-to-bed service provides you with peace of mind and ensures that an expert (medical) team is on hand to assist you with travel logistics during a stressful time. It also ensures consistent high-quality care throughout the entire repatriation or evacuation process, as well as complete documentation by recognised staff.

How does our bed-to-bed service work?

Our bed-to-bed service is useful when a patient is ill, injured, or frail and needs to travel from one location to another within the UK, from the UK to a foreign medical facility, or from abroad to the UK. With the goal of making the journey as comfortable and patient-friendly as possible, our bed-to-bed air ambulance service can help facilitate the trip.

Ground service, logistics and planning, air ambulance flights, and an experienced medical team to attend to the patient during the trip are all part of our comprehensive bed-to-bed service. Your case manager will handle all of the details for you, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free journey.

Our staff begins the process by requesting your patient's medical report. This data is used to determine the best mode of ground and air transportation. Private jets or helicopters are all options. We then arrange for the patient to be picked up from their home, hospice, or healthcare facility and transported to the designated airport (private) terminal, where the commercial aircraft or our air ambulance aircraft will be waiting. When arriving at the destination airport, the process will be reversed. In this sense, the appropriate ground transportation will be waiting for the patient, ready to take them to their final destination. This also means that the latter is constantly accompanied by an experienced medical team/medical escort throughout the transport, thus ensuring continuity of care.

Simply put, from the time we pick up the patient until they arrive at their final destination, we plan their entire transportation. Assume the trip is disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather or a sudden deterioration in the patient's health. In this case, their personal case manager can quickly find another option to help them arrive at their destination safely and quickly. Indeed, our team handles all of the necessary steps to change the route, keeping the patient and family safe and reassured for the remainder of the trip.

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The benefits of our bed-to-bed service

Medical Repatriation UK offers efficient bed-to-bed transfers to keep patients as comfortable and safe as possible. To assist our clients in safely returning to the UK, we bring extensive experience handling international and domestic patient transportation needs. We can quickly transport them to their preferred location, whether it is a clinic, a hospital or a private site. Indeed, our one-stop transfers save time, money, and are the most convenient for patients.

Consider a few ways you can gain from our bed-to-bed service:

Modern ambulances and equipment: All of the ground and air ambulances we use are cutting-edge. Modern medical equipment is tailored to the patient's needs.

Medical escort service: Our available medical escort services can provide the patient with trusted medical support and care while on the ground or in the air, on a commercial flight or in an air ambulance.

Seamless paperwork management with no red tapes: We handle all paperwork and formalities and maintain a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs. Furthermore, because we coordinate communications with all parties, you will not have to deal with language barriers.

The patient is only shifted twice during the entire transportation process: As previously stated, our comprehensive bed-to-bed service usually allows for only two transfers during the entire transport. Furthermore, all of our air ambulances are compatible with the stretchers used during ground transportation, allowing the patient to relax while the medical staff provides the best care possible.

High-quality care and patient-centred service: Our bed-to-bed service ensures that patients receive consistent high-quality care. Throughout the journey, highly skilled medical professionals will ensure that the patient has everything they require. Patients benefit from our extensive experience in arranging long-distance patient transportation as well as our ability to provide individualised patient care at any time.

Complete documentation from qualified personnel: Because a reputable air ambulance company only works with experienced and compassionate staff, you can be confident that your air and ground transportation will be completed by qualified personnel throughout your entire journey. This type of service also assists in streamlining the documentation process and ensuring that your medical documentation is not mishandled during the trip.

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Choose Medical Repatriation UK as your trusted bed-to-bed ambulance provider!

Medical Repatriation UK provides trusted bed-to-bed services to get patients the care they require in the UK and all over the world. If you are looking for solutions to assist you in responding to a medical emergency, we are here to help 24/7.

We are a team of highly trained medical and aviation personnel ready to handle the logistics of safe long-distance patient transportation for you or your patient. You can count on our team to handle every aspect of the transfer, from ground transportation to flights, whenever you need us. We are here to assist you with whatever you require to safely return home.

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