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Medical transport abroad

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Medical transport abroad

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Many patients are dissatisfied with medical care in their home country. Often, medical standards are inadequate, and treatment abroad promises better quality care. If the best possible care is required, sometimes the world's best specialists will be needed to treat the patient. Finally, there are some innovative medical treatments that are not yet generally available and are only offered in a few specialist clinics in the world. In these cases, a medical transport abroad can be a reasonable option. This is sometimes called medical tourism.

Your options for a medical transport abroad

Sometimes a medical transport abroad will have been planned well in advance, but sometimes your transfer takes place under great time pressure due to an emergency. In some cases, a neighbouring country offers the desired treatment, in others, an intercontinental medical transport is necessary to get you the right treatment. Depending on the exact situation, and on your state of health, various means of transport are available.

Air ambulance

The best possible patient care can be provided in an ambulance aircraft, in which specialised aviation medics care for the patient. Thanks to state-of-the-art medical intensive care equipment, an ambulance aircraft can also transport seriously ill patients. We can even adjust the cabin pressure to the air pressure at ground level (Sea Level Flight) if the patient's state of health makes this necessary.

Ambulance aircrafts are readily available all over the world and have a long range. In most cases they can be deployed on the same day or the following day. This makes them the ideal means of transport in acute situations and for medium to long flight distances. Usually, a friend or relative can accompany the flight at no extra cost.

Scheduled airliner

If the patient's state of health permits, a patient transfer on board a scheduled airliner can be a cost-effective option for your medical transport abroad. Throughout the flight, you will be assisted by a medical flight attendant – either a doctor or a paramedic – who can intervene immediately when necessary.

If you can be transported sitting upright, you will usually be assigned a seat in Business Class, as well as the medical flight attendant. Here, the patient can travel in comfort and the medical attendant has plenty of freedom of movement if intervention is required. Should you need to be transported lying down, a patient stretcher bed is installed in the aircraft and separated from the rest of the passenger cabin by a privacy screen. The medical flight attendant then occupies a regular seat close to the patient. Accompanying persons can also occupy regular seats and thereby provide support to the patient.

Due to the arrangements that need to be made with the airline, you need to factor in a lead time of one to two days. Seated patient transports with medical flight attendants are possible on all routes. Airlines usually only permit the installation of a patient stretcher bed on medium and long-haul flights. Therefore, a patient transport in a scheduled airliner in a lying position is not usually possible on short-haul flights. However, we are always happy to check the feasibility of such a flight in your case.


For short journeys, a ground ambulance can also be a possibility for transporting patient across terrestrial borders abroad. Ambulances are quick to deploy and can be a cost-effective means of transport. The medical crew cares for the patient on the journey and the medical equipment offers many options for treating and monitoring the patient.

However, on longer journeys, travelling by ambulance can quickly become a strain for the patient. After all, space is restricted in the ambulance and the ride can be uncomfortable overall. In addition, traffic jams, detours or accidents en-route can cause unpredictable delays. And if health complications occur on the journey, the patient must be admitted to a nearby hospital. Depending on which country the patient is in at that point, they may find that medical care is poorer there than at home or at the destination hospital.

Bed-to-bed service for your medical transport abroad

Regardless of which means of transport you need for your medical transport abroad, with our bed-to-bed service we can take care of your entire medical transfer. If you choose a medical transport by ambulance aircraft or scheduled airliner, we will pick you up you’re your home or the hospital and take you to the airport in a ground ambulance. After landing, another ambulance or emergency vehicle will be waiting for you to take you home or to the destination hospital. Since we organise all aspects of the medical transport, we can coordinate your transfer schedule precisely and avoid unnecessary delays.

Further advantages of using the Medical Repatriation UK

Our colleagues are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, even at weekends and on public holidays. Language barriers are not a problem for our international team, and they are always available to relieve you of much of the stress and organisational effort. Upon request, we can help you with your visa applications and we can contact the hospital where you will be treated to reserve a bed for you. We can even provide you with an interpreter for your hospital stay to make communication easy for you. Your personal flight manager will be at your disposal to answer all your questions at all time – not an anonymous call centre operative.

The cost of a medical transport abroad

The most important factor in calculating the cost of a medical transport abroad is the distance to be travelled: on long journeys a medical transport will of course be more expensive than on short-haul routes. Your state of health also plays an important role, and in the case of ambulance flights the aircraft type chosen, and the number of accompanying persons must also be considered. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with an individual quotation, free of charge.

Any further questions?

In our FAQ we have compiled the answers to many frequently asked questions about the sequence of events for organising a medical transport abroad.

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