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Medical repatriation: your safe return flight

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Medical repatriation: your safe return flight

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medical emergency can affect anyone while travelling, whether they are young or old, sick, or healthy. A single missed step can lead to a complicated fracture and even a mosquito bite can potentially cause a dangerous illness. Understandably, many travellers do not concern themselves with these possible emergencies. After all, you don't always want to think of the worst and spoil the anticipation of a pleasant holiday. If such an emergency affects you or a loved one abroad, Medical Repatriation UK can help. We are fast, unbureaucratic and always acting for your benefit.

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How does medical repatriation work?

We can choose from various ambulance aircraft and rescue helicopters for use in medical repatriations. The most suitable type of transport for medical repatriation depends on your health condition. In most cases, an air ambulance is ordered which can fly you and any of your relatives back home from abroad. Particularly those who are in countries outside Europe are usually brought back home in an ambulance aircraft.

Scheduled flights can also be used for medical repatriations. In these cases, a separate area is set up for you, in which you can receive medical treatment. In the case of a time-critical medical emergency on a short-haul route, a helicopter is often used. Helicopters can take off and land anywhere near a hospital and therefore ensure a corresponding fast and delay-free medical repatriation journey.

Example: medical repatriation from Venezuela

Recently, we were able to help two high school graduates who had been backpacking through Venezuela for three months. One of them became very sick after an insect bite. After he had been stabilised in a local clinic, the parents of the young man called us to immediately request medical repatriation. We were able to fly the patient safely back home using international air ambulances. We also took care of all discussions with the attending doctors on-site and successfully organised the patient's bed-to-bed transport in the shortest possible time.

Medical repatriation without insurance?

In this case, the travel insurance covered part of the cost of the return journey. From experience, we know that this does not always happen. Often, patients are refused by their insurance company.

Even in these cases, Medical Repatriation UK can help you quickly and unbureaucratically. Simply contact us and we will organise your medical repatriation without the insurance company agreeing to cover the cost. We are happy to provide you with a non-binding and transparent quotation for the repatriation – if you accept our offer the preparations starts immediately. Our medical repatriation service includes the following:

  • deployment of the ambulance aircraft
  • organisation of the medical repatriation, from bed to bed
  • interpreters for communication with the hospital abroad
  • supplying the accompanying medical professionals
  • handling all bureaucratic matters

Of course, you will promptly receive a detailed flight plan, containing all times and meeting points.

Our service for your medical repatriation

You and your relatives can contact Medical Repatriation UK at any time via our service number. Our colleagues will take note of your requirements and circumstances and will promptly provide you with a quotation that covers the necessary services. These include your ground transport in an ambulance vehicle, all communication with foreign authorities and local doctors, as well as the repatriation journey aboard an ambulance aircraft. You can contact us at any time of day or night for any queries – we are always happy to help you personally.

Any further questions?

Would you like to know more about medically accompanied repatriations from abroad? You will find further information in our FAQ.

Contact us now about your medical repatriation

We will gladly advise you and will also personally answer all your questions about medical repatriation to the UK. Simply contact our 24-hour service. Our contact details: