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Medical Repatriation: our air ambulance doctor cares for your safety

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Medical Repatriation: our air ambulance doctor cares for your safety

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One of the key factors determining the success of a medical repatriation trip is the medical team. Those needing these types of transport are usually sick/injured and need constant medical supervision. In simple terms, medical repatriation is the organised procedure of getting someone with a medical deficit back to their home country or country of residence. Medical Repatriation UK organises the transport of British residents and citizens, wherever they are across the world, back to the UK in an air ambulance. The benefit of our air ambulances is that it is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment that can be found in an ICU.

Point to be noted: the usage of the medical equipment will be void if there is no one qualified or experienced to operate it on board. 

Medical Repatriation UK: we have doctors and paramedics on board our air ambulances

Medical Repatriation UK has taken several measures in its efforts to offer the highest-level medical care possible during an air ambulance trip. To that effect, it makes sure that there is a doctor and paramedic onboard each of its planes. This will ensure that the patient is in safe and qualified hands on their way back to the UK. These medical professionals will be constantly posted about the patient’s condition before the flight to ensure that they are equipped with the essential information to provide appropriate treatment and care efficiently during the flight. 

Moreover, depending on your medical condition, Medical Repatriation UK will provide you with a specialty doctor having more in-depth knowledge and experience about your particular pathology. For instance, when organising the medical transport of infants and babies, we make sure that one of our air ambulance doctors on board the plane is a pediatrician since children require more supervision and care. 

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Qualifications and experience of our air ambulance doctors

The basic qualifications of becoming an air ambulance doctor are more extensive, in comparison to doctors working in hospitals. Besides completing the five-year degree in Medicine and the years of training that medical professionals usually go through, air ambulance doctors have to undertake an additional training programme in the area of aviation medicine. This will equip them with the skills needed to provide treatment and care on a plane. For instance, in the UK, one of the programmes available to aspiring air ambulance doctors is the PHEM trainee scheme. During the course of this training, the participant spends 50% of their time on an air ambulance and 50% focussing on their base specialty. 

At Medical Repatriation UK, we make sure that our air ambulance doctors are equipped with the proper qualifications and certifications needed to conduct medical repatriation missions

Besides the qualifications and trainings, the experience of the medical experts in the aeromedical space is of significance importance during an air ambulance flight. Providing treatment and intervening during an emergency mid-air can be quite disparate from the situation in a hospital where you can always call for back-up. Being an air ambulance doctor calls for non-technical skills such as situational awareness, decision making, communication and teamwork. These are skills that one naturally possesses or that can be achieved after years of working in the aeromedical space. At Medical Repatriation UK our doctors and paramedics conducting medical repatriation missions are not only qualified but experienced in the area. They are equipped with all the core skills required. 

Duties of the air ambulance doctor

Ensuring that patients reach their destination safely is the main role of the air ambulance doctor. How is this achieved? What are the specific duties of our medical team during a medical repatriation mission? 

Provide care en-route: Throughout the whole flight, the air ambulance doctor and paramedic will constantly provide care to the patient and monitor his condition; checking if it is stable or deteriorating and being on the lookout for signs of a medical emergency. 

Intervene if a medical complication arises: In case of a medical emergency, the medical team will promptly intervene, offering treatment and care, to stabilise the patient’s medical condition. 

Constantly communicate with the medical team on the ground: The medical team in the air has for duty to constantly communicate with the teams on the ground, guaranteeing transparency about the situation and ensuring that everyone is well-prepared to deal with possible eventualities. For instance, in the case of the patient’s health deteriorating, the team at the receiving hospital can already strategise on how to deal with the situation and prepare themselves, maximising on efficiency and time. 

Oversee patient transfer in airports: The medical team is also responsible for overseeing the patient transfer from the ground vehicle to the air ambulance and vice-versa at both airports to make sure that there are no mishaps while the patient is getting on or alighting from the plane. 

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Medical Repatriation UK provides ground ambulances with doctors 

Our air ambulance flights come with a bed-to-bed service. This means that upon your request, we can provide you with a ground ambulance in both countries. As such, we will pick you up from your hotel in the country where you are at and take you to the airport. This saves you from the trouble of arranging ground transportation in a country where you might not be too accustomed to the infrastructure. Upon landing, Medical Repatriation UK will have a ground ambulance waiting for you to take you home or to the hospital. Our ground ambulances also offer the benefit of having trained medical experts to provide treatment and care. This means that the patient will be cared for at every step of the way. 

Contact us for an air ambulance to the UK 

Organising an air ambulance trip is easy if you get in touch with our agents. Like our medical team, they are experts in the world of aeromedical transport and they will take care of arranging the flight to the UK and advise with regards to the most efficient course of action. Contact them by: