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Medical repatriation from Spain

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Medical repatriation from Spain

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Spain is a large, multi-faceted country: Whether snow-covered mountains in the Pyrenees, imposing architecture in Barcelona or mighty Atlantic waves on the beautiful beaches of the Canary Islands, with this plentiful choice, it is not easy to select the right Spanish holiday destination. Therefore, many UK tourists are attracted to Spain every year to get to know the diverse areas and aspects of the country. Not without reason, Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for visitors from other countries.

Medical repatriation from spain

Due to the large number of tourists, it is not surprising that there is an increase in accidents and sudden illnesses among tourists in the holiday regions of the country, especially in the summer months.

Although the Spanish health service has a reasonably good reputation. In the case of an emergency, most patients and relatives prefer to receive further medical treatment in their home country, specifically back home in the UK where the NHS is renowned for having state of the art medical infrastructure. Moreover, similarly to France, the language barrier is an issue and therefore makes effective communication with the hospital staff difficult, leading to uncertainty. But better medical care in the patient's home country is also an important factor. Therefore it comes with no surprise that the demand for medical repatriation and air ambulances to the UK from Spain is very high.

What happens during a medical repatriation from Spain?

If you experience an unexpected accident or a serious illness in Spain, things can happen very quickly: first, initial treatment is provided to you in Spain. If you then need to be transported home for further treatment, we will clarify the severity of the illness or injury during an initial telephone requirement call. Our experienced team would then seek to organise transport home from Spain as soon as possible. Your state of health and medical condition influences how the repatriation is organised. We will also consider pre-existing medical conditions at this stage. These are deciding factors in the choice of suitable means of transport for patient transfer through private ambulance:

If you are in a stable condition, you can be transported for medevac in a scheduled airliner to the UK, accompanied by a medical flight attendant/medical escort. In cases of more serious illness, bed-to-bed transport by ambulance aircraft (sometimes referred to as air ambulance) is the safest option. Both alternatives ensure a safe journey home and are still viable options during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic while conforming to social distancing requirement. However, the organisation of your transport on a scheduled plane with an airline usually takes longer for the traveller: the preparation time for a medically accompanied patient transport is usually 1 to 2 days.

If your transport must take place at very short notice, an ambulance jet is a better option: within a very short time, our team can provide an ambulance aircraft fitted with the latest equipment. A popular private ambulance jet option includes the Learjet medical evacuation 'medevac' aircraft. Air Ambulances have medical equipment like an intensive care unit alongside specialised paramedics and medics, which makes it possible to provide very good medical care. Another advantage of an ambulance aircraft is the ability to land at smaller airports, which are often closer to the destination hospital and so shorten road journeys by ground ambulance. If you require private ambulance services at destination, our team shall also cater for this alongside your air ambulance flight to ensure a complete turnkey service. 

What is the cost of an air ambulance from Spain?

Thanks to the generally good medical standards in Spain, many illnesses and injuries can be arranged to be treated locally with no need for Air ambulance service. As a result, insurance companies & the EHIC only very rarely pay for the cost of transporting a patient home by Air, as transport is not considered to be medically necessary. In any case, there is no chance of the costs being covered unless the patient has a travel insurance policy that includes medical cover. If the insurance company does not help, a private service provider can step in.

Our experienced team takes many factors into account when calculating the costs: in addition, your state of health, information about the number of accompanying persons, the amount of luggage, the need for a ground ambulance repatriation or  ambulance helicopter and how soon the transport is needed, are also central to the calculation.

With the help of this information we can quickly produce a non-binding written quotation for you. Once the quotation is accepted, we immediately begin planning your transport in order to organise the quickest possible medical repatriation.

Any further questions?

You will find more information about the medical repatriation of patients from Spain in our FAQ. The answers to the most important questions are summarised there.

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