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Medical Repatriation from Italy

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Medical Repatriation from Italy

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From the ski resorts of the Italian Alps to the awe-inspiring sights of Rome, from the picturesque landscapes of Sicily to the beaches of the Italian Riviera, Italy is always worth visiting. It is not surprising that so many British tourists are drawn to Italy year after year. Italy is simply one of the most popular holiday destinations for Britons.

Medical Repatriation from Italy

So, it is inevitable that every year we must carry out numerous medical repatriations from Italy. A sudden illness or serious accident can make the extensive medical treatment necessary. After initial treatment in an Italian hospital, many British patients wish to continue their treatment in their home country. Their confidence in the British health system is often greater. Also, you do not face language barriers in Britain, and being close to friends and family can increase your wellbeing and positively affect your recovery.

Patient Repatriation from Italy: Your Options

Depending on your medical condition, exact location, your destination in Britain, and the urgency of the request, various means of transport are possible for your medical repatriation from Italy. These are the options:

Medical repatriation from Italy in an ambulance aircraft

In urgent cases and if you require intensive medical care, you will be transported onboard a medically equipped ambulance aircraft. A highly specialised medical team, led by an experienced flight doctor, cares for you during the flight. This always ensures the best possible medical care for you.

Ambulance aircraft are not tied to major airports, they can also land at smaller regional airports that are often much closer to where the patient is staying abroad and the patient's destination in the UK. As a result, ground transport journeys can be much shorter, saving time and ensuring that the patient's journey is as comfortable as possible. As a rule, an ambulance aircraft can be deployed on the same day or the next.

Patient repatriation from Italy in a scheduled airliner (lying down)

In individual cases, patients with less acute illnesses can be transported on a scheduled airliner, lying down. The patient is transported on a stretcher. A privacy screen provides the necessary separation from the passengers in the rest of the cabin and medical staff are on hand to care for the patient throughout the flight. We are happy to check the possibility of patient transport from Italy in a scheduled airliner in your case.

Patient repatriation from Italy In a scheduled airliner (seated)

Patient in wheelchair

For less serious illnesses or injuries, a medically accompanied flight from Italy may be sufficient. Here, you will occupy a normal seat during the scheduled flight, accompanied by a paramedic or doctor. The medical flight attendant stays close to you and can intervene whenever necessary.

If you would like to book a medically accompanied flight home from Italy, you need to plan several days in advance. This lead time is needed for clearing the medical details of your transport with the airline. Usually, patient repatriations take place in business class, but unfortunately, on many flights from Italy, business class does not consist of more comfortable seats with more legroom. Instead, business class passengers sit in a row of 'normal seats', occupying two seats. Depending on your medical condition, the medical flight attendant may need more freedom of movement than is possible in this situation. Therefore, seated patient repatriation in a scheduled airliner happens less frequently than a patient transfer in an air ambulance.

Our Expertise

We are your expert, reliable partners for your medical repatriation from Italy. We can organise your entire medical repatriation operation: in the case of a patient transfer by air, we would also organise all the necessary ground transports. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of international medical repatriation and are happy to advise you. Our worldwide transport network allows us to undertake safe patient repatriations, even at short notice.

If required, our Italian-speaking department can also discuss any issues directly with the hospital staff in Italy, thus overcoming language barriers for you. You can reach our colleagues around the clock, every day. We are always available for you and we are happy to take the time to answer your queries. You will never be talking to an anonymous call centre operative but directly to the person responsible for your medical repatriation.

How much does a medical repatriation from Italy cost?

The cost of medical repatriation depends on several factors. Of course, the distance between the starting point and the destination plays an important role: patient transport from northern Italy to southern England is less expensive to implement than comparable patient repatriation from southern Italy to northern Scotland. Your health condition, the urgency of your transport, and the number of accompanying persons also affect the costs.

As we take all these factors into account for every request, we provide an individual quotation in each case.

Any further questions?

For more information about the medical repatriation process and how we organise patient repatriations, please see our FAQ

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