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Medical repatriation from Croatia

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Medical repatriation from Croatia

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The Adriatic coast of Croatia attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The holidaymakers are tempted by the fabulous beaches and picturesque little ports. Croatia appeals to young people, families, and older people alike and offers something for everyone. However, a sudden illness or an accident can bring holiday fun to an abrupt end. Since many tourists have little confidence in the Croatian health system, they opt for rapid medical repatriation.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Reasons for medical repatriation from Croatia

Croatia is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers in the health sector: after Croatia acceded to the EU, many highly trained Croats, including doctors and nurses, sought a future in countries where they could earn higher salaries. Therefore, Croatian hospitals suffer from staff shortages and the number of hospitals per 100,000 inhabitants is comparatively low. In short, the Croatian health system is completely overburdened.

Also, communicating with local hospital staff is often difficult for foreign patients. Although most Croats learn English at school, their language skills are often not sufficient to explain complex medical conditions and treatments to patients.

Finally, a hospital stay abroad can be a psychological burden for the patient. Family and friends are often at home, far away, and are thus unable to offer the patient much support. But this support is extremely important for the patient's recovery, especially if a complete recovery is likely to take several weeks or months.

Suitable means of transport for your medical repatriation from Croatia

The most suitable method of transport for medical repatriation from Croatia depends mainly on your health status and the exact route of the journey.

Air ambulance

An air ambulance is the fastest and safest way to transport you home from Croatia. If required, you can be given intensive medical care on board so that even seriously ill people can travel without problems. An experienced flight doctor and medical crew take care of you during the flight: your wellbeing is always our top priority.

Thanks to our worldwide network, we can, in many cases, provide an ambulance aircraft on the same day or the next. Unlike for scheduled airlines, smaller regional airports can be used for landing, not just the major passenger airports. You can land much closer to your destination, minimising time-consuming and tiring road journeys.

Scheduled airliner

In less acute cases you can be flown home from Croatia either sitting upright or lying down, on a medically assisted flight in a scheduled airliner. This option is significantly more cost-effective compared to an ambulance jet. Depending on your condition, either a flight doctor or a paramedic looks after you during the flight. Since every transport on a scheduled flight must be coordinated with the airline, a lead time of one to two days is necessary. Therefore, a scheduled flight is not suitable for your transport in acute situations.

If you can sit upright, you will usually fly you in business class. This way, the medical staff have the necessary room to manoeuvre if intervention is required. You can also benefit from the additional freedom of movement and can thus travel more comfortably. Unfortunately, many scheduled flights between Croatia and other European countries do not have a separate business class. Instead, you occupy two seats in a normal row. We would be happy to check whether, even under these circumstances, a seated patient transport onboard a scheduled airliner is possible in your case.

Even a patient transport lying down on board a scheduled airliner is only rarely available. This requires the installation of a special patient stretcher bed. Most aircraft fly back and forth between Croatia and their destinations several times a day, so there is often not enough time between the plane landing and the next flight to install the patient bed. However, we would be happy to check in your case whether it is feasible for you to travel lying down in a scheduled airliner.

What is the cost of medical repatriation from Croatia?

The cost of medical repatriation from Croatia depends on various factors. Among other things, the distance to be covered and the required means of transportation are major considerations. Besides, the urgency of the request, your health condition and the desired number of accompanying persons can influence the cost. Therefore, an individual quotation must be calculated for each case, which we can gladly provide for you free of charge and without obligation.

Bed to bed patient transport service

We can organise your entire medical repatriation – just think of us as a one-stop shop. For patient transports, by air ambulance or scheduled airliner, we will pick you up in an ambulance or emergency vehicle and will take you safely to the airport via the most direct route. Upon landing, another medically staffed ambulance vehicle will be waiting for you to take you home, or to your destination hospital. Naturally, we coordinate all pick up and departure times so that we can avoid unnecessary waiting times for the patient as much as possible.

Any questions?

You will find more information about the organisation and implementation of medical repatriations in our FAQ.

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