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Medical repatriation costs: clear and no small print

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Medical repatriation costs: clear and no small print

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If you are unable to leave your holiday location on your own for health reasons, medical repatriation by air is often the only way to return home. We often use ambulance aircraft for this purpose. If your health permits, you can also be flown sitting or lying down on board a scheduled airliner.

Krankenrücktransport Kosten: Transparent und ohne Kleingedrucktes

Will my insurance cover the medical repatriation costs?

In the case of necessary medical repatriation, the question always arises as to whether the insurance for foreign travel will cover the transport costs. In many cases, however, the costs must be borne privately by you. The insurance companies always decide on a case by case basis. Only 'medically necessary', or in the case of some policies, 'medically reasonable' medical repatriations are covered.

In practice, these terms can be very flexible. If, for example, your medical care can be provided at the holiday location, then in most cases the costs of medical repatriation will not be accepted by the insurer.

Understandably, many patients want to have further treatment in their home country, close to their family. Medical Repatriation UK will also undertake your repatriation in those cases in which the acceptance of costs has already been refused by the insurance company. We will gladly provide you with an individual cost estimate for your medical repatriation – quickly and professionally.

Air ambulance flight: your transport costs

Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot give you any general information about the price of medical repatriations. We calculate every quotation individually based on various factors. These include:

  • flight distance
  • how soon the flight is required
  • number of accompanying persons
  • health status of the patient
  • need for ground transports

The cost of your medical repatriation also depends on the way you are transported.

Critical emergency

If you are in a critical condition, a helicopter is often used on short-haul routes. A helicopter can usually be on-site within an hour and can land directly in front of the hospital. The helicopters we use are fitted with extensive medical equipment, which is individually adapted to your condition.

Ambulance flight at short notice

A short-term patient transfer in an ambulance aircraft is the fastest and most flexible option for repatriating you to the UK and can be used for medium to long-haul flights, especially for critical medical repatriations. Our air ambulances carry the most up-to-date medical equipment on board. Also, a highly specialised medical team accompanies you on the flight and keeps your condition permanently under control. In most cases, one companion can fly in the ambulance aircraft at no extra cost.

Medical repatriation in a scheduled airliner

If your state of health allows this option, in some cases patient repatriation by scheduled airliner is also possible. For this purpose, a row of seats in the passenger cabin is removed and replaced with a special patient stretcher, which is separated from the rest of the cabin by a privacy curtain. A medical team accompanies you and oversees the medical care on board the airliner. If you can sit, an accompanied flight using normal seats in Business Class is also possible.

What services does Medical Repatriation UK provide?

We are available for you 24/7, even at weekends and on bank holidays. If you have any questions, or if you have a specific request for medical repatriation, please contact us. We will gladly take the time to advise you on the best way for you or your loved one to be brought home.

We can inform you, without obligation, about the various medical repatriation costs. We will discuss in advance the services you will need as part of the repatriation. You can book the entire repatriation with Medical Repatriation UK. This includes the following services, amongst others:

  • 24-hour care by experienced personnel
  • patient transport from bed to bed
  • ground transports by ambulance
  • international service (interpreters, etc.)

The first consultation, including the clarification of medical details, is always free of charge.

Contact us now about your medical repatriation

We are your first point of contact if you need medical repatriation for yourself or a loved one. Our 24-hour service is available 24/7. Please contact us: