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Medical documentation before repatriation

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Medical documentation before repatriation

Most medical repatriations have to be organised in a very short space of time. Even if the patient has been classified as fit to travel, some questions will need to be clarified before departure. Which equipment and which medicines will be needed during the return journey? Does the patient need to be transported in an emergency vehicle or ambulance, or is a taxi sufficient?

To help with these decisions, a telephone conversation between doctors can be helpful. Even more useful is a written medical document that provides a brief overview of the current condition of the patient, and in most cases already exists. After all, each hospital keeps a record of each patient even if the care there may be inadequate in other ways.

Medizinische Dokumentation vor Rücktransporten

Which documents are needed?

Documents such as medical reports, medical records, doctors' letters, etc, facilitate the planning of a medical repatriation but are not absolutely necessary. If such documents are not available, we will gladly send you the corresponding forms to be filled in by the attending doctor.

Frequently, the documents provided by the local hospital contain a statement about the patient's fitness to fly. However, as our medical flight experts will form their own opinion about this, the reports do not have to contain information about the patient's fitness to fly. Please note: Our international departments can, in most cases, read the documents in their original languages, so you don't need to worry about getting them translated.  

In the case of minor injuries or simple diagnoses, information provided by relatives for the preparation of the medical repatriation is usually sufficient. In order not to lose precious time, please contact us at any time, even if a medical report is not yet available. We can speak directly to doctors in the local hospital, thereby saving time and getting the patient on their way sooner.

Information about the patient's fitness to travel

Many local doctors don't just feel responsible for treating the patient. They also believe that they are responsible for how successful the medical repatriation is after the patient's discharge. In order to avoid having to assume this responsibility they often state in their reports that patients are not fit to travel.

The caution of the local doctors is unnecessary as the responsibility for the entire medical repatriation rests exclusively with the accompanying doctors. They have been specially trained and can therefore best judge the fitness of a patient to travel. The local doctors, however, often do not have the knowledge about the full capabilities of medical care in the air.

If you or your loved one have been classified by hospital staff as being unfit to travel, we advise you to contact our team. Together, we will find the best solution for you. If desired, your medical report can be assessed by our flight doctors, free of charge, to check whether the patient is fit to travel.  

Please note: In many cases the evaluation of our flight doctors differs from the opinion of the local doctors. In such situations, our flight doctors will have a doctor-to-doctor conversation with the treating hospital, to resolve anything that is unclear and start planning your patient repatriation.

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Our 24-hour service can help you with any questions about medical documentation and the patient's fitness to travel. Upon request, we will provide you with a free, non-binding quotation for your medical repatriation. Please contact us: