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How to save on the cost of an air ambulance flight?

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How to save on the cost of an air ambulance flight?

An air ambulance flight is considerably different from a regular flight scheduled by a commercial airliner. How so? The distinction is noticeable in the terms used itself. The word ‘ambulance’ itself would draw your attention to a whole new concept: an air ambulance is like a flying ambulance. It is an aircraft that is fitted with medical equipment and that is used to transport patients. Medical Repatriation UK is an air ambulance provider that can transport patients everywhere across the globe. 

These past few years have seen an increase in the number of British citizens and residents resorting to air ambulance flights, mainly to come back to the UK to benefit from the higher level of medical facilities and doctors available in the country, especially if they are stuck somewhere where there are no adequate treatments available or they wish to be closer to their relatives in their home country. One important factor that should not be dismissed is the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting the whole air travel industry. While COVID-19 patients cannot fly on commercial flights, air ambulances or private jets are accessible to them, hence, being the only options via which they can travel back to the UK. air ambulance

What is the cost of an air ambulance flight to the UK? 

Since it is not a regular flight, the cost of an air ambulance flight to the UK will neither be the same as commercial flights nor will it be standard for all missions. There are several factors affecting the price of a trip via an air ambulance and at Medical Repatriation UK, we make sure to calculate the charges on an individual basis depending on your requirements, ensuring there are no surcharges. What are the factors affecting the cost of an air ambulance flight?

  1. Your location: Where you are in the world currently will have an impact on the distance to be covered by the air ambulance to reach the UK. Nonetheless, rather than distance, it is the flight route that will have a bigger impact on the price of the air ambulance. 
  2. Size of the aircraft: When it comes to air ambulances, the bigger the aircraft, the higher the price is. A bigger and heavier aircraft burns more fuel and in this case, you are not sharing the cost with other passengers, as would be the case on a commercial flight. As such, if the traveller requests for a bigger aircraft, the price will be higher. 
  3. Your medical condition: The air ambulances by Medical Repatriation UK are fitted with the latest medical equipment and all of the flights have a doctor and paramedic on board. However, depending on the medical condition of the patient, we can source additional equipment or more medical professionals to ensure a safe flight. This will come at an additional fee. 
  4. Urgency of the request: An urgent request for an air ambulance can be catered to at the risk of increasing the cost of the air ambulance flight. This is because we might have to deploy an air ambulance that is far away from your location. 
  5. Administrative charges: There are several regulations and procedures to deal with when planning an air ambulance flight and these involve administrative fees. For instance, airports charge landing and handling fees for private flights or we may have to obtain additional permits to fly you out from a particular high-risk area. 
  6. Ground ambulance: Medical Repatriation UK offers bed-to-bed services, which means that it can arrange for ground ambulances for your trip to and back from the airport both at your current location, and once you land in the UK. The price of the ground ambulance will be added to the total cost of the air ambulance flight. 

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Tips to reduce the cost of an air ambulance flight?

It stands to reason that travelling privately on an air ambulance will cost more than booking a ticket with a commercial airline company. Are there ways to reduce the cost of an air ambulance flight so that it becomes more affordable? Check out the following tips: 

Deal with an experienced company and aviation consultant
Medical Repatriation UK is an experienced company working with all the major airports in the UK and around the world. Considering its network, it is able to devise the most sensible solution, financially, for you.

Opt for a smaller airplane
Medical Repatriation UK allows one loved one to travel with the patient, offering moral support, for free. While it is completely possible to accommodate more people, this might require the use of a bigger airplane. Thus, it is more profitable to fly on a smaller plane, with only one accompanying person. 

Decrease the distance to be travelled
If you are in need of better medical care, you can save on the cost of an air ambulance flight by travelling to a nearby country offering an adequate level of medical treatment instead of coming all the way back to the UK. 

Be flexible on the departure date
Instead of calling us for an air ambulance at the last minute, get in touch as soon as possible. This will give us more time to plan your flight and to devise the most cost-effective solution for you. Being flexible on the departure date will allow us to book you for an aircraft that is closer to your location. 

Opt for commercial flights with a medical escort if possible 
Medical Repatriation UK also organise trips on commercial flights with a medical escort for patients whose medical condition is stable enough. This is the cheapest solution, which makes it the preferred choice if your health allows it. 

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Contact us for a personalised cost for an air ambulance flight

If you need a cost-effective air ambulance flight to the UK, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our agents are available every day, 24/7, to work on a solution for you and to design a customised quote, which is free and non-binding. Contact them: