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How to book an air ambulance in 3 simple steps

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How to book an air ambulance in 3 simple steps

In this pandemic-driven era, being always ready for a medical emergency is a must. Besides COVID-19 with severe symptoms, several diseases require immediate or constant medical treatment and care. Some examples are ischemic heart disease, lower respiratory infections, cancer or Cirrhosis, to name just a few. 

Thankfully, with developments in technology and air travel, British citizens and residents have air ambulances which are procurable easily. These are aircraft and helicopters that are fitted with the latest medical equipment to transport patients from one location to another. They can travel way more quickly than ground ambulances and have a medical professional on board. As a consequence, someone needing urgent medical treatment can be transported to a hospital quickly while being constantly monitored en route. 

Air ambulances are commonly used for the three following purposes: 

  • Domestic transfers: If you are in the UK and you need to travel to a hospital in the sovereign to obtain better medical care. For instance, you are in Northern Ireland and you need to get to St Thomas Hospital which is located in London or to Birmingham Children’s Hospital

  • International transfers: If you are in another country and you want to get back to the UK or vice-versa. For example, you fell sick while on holiday in Bali and you want to get back home. It could also be that you are in the UK but you want to visit a loved one abroad and you can only travel in an air ambulance because of a medical condition.

  • COVID-19 patients: Patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 are not allowed onboard commercial flights. They can only fly alone in private jets or in special isolation units in air ambulances. 

How to book an air ambulance? 3 easy steps 

Thanks to Medical Repatriation UK, an air ambulance service provider, booking an air ambulance is extremely simple. We have made sure to establish a process that is seamless and uncomplicated so that you do not experience any difficulties during times when you might already be stressed. 

Contact one of our agents 

This is the stepping stone to booking your air ambulance flight. Medical Repatriation UK has a team of experts who are available every day and on a 24-hour basis. You can reach them by phone or by writing to them via email or our contact form and an expert will promptly get back to you. Not only will this dedicated agent organise everything related to your flight, but he/she will listen to your needs and advise you on the best air ambulance options for your situation. During this initial conversation, you will also receive a free non-binding quote for the cost of the air ambulance trip. 

support agents

Look for your important documentation

After consultation with your loved ones, if you decide to book the air ambulance, usually you must have some important documents ready so that we can arrange for the flight as quickly as possible. Our agents will assist you during this step. The most important one is your medical reports that our doctor will assess to determine the patient’s medical condition and his fitness to travel. Those travelling overseas also have to produce their passport and visa if needed. 

Pack your bags and wait for your flight

After the payment has been made, you just need to pack your bags and wait for your flight. Once we have the documents required, our agents will work on planning the trip. Every small detail will be attended to. They will schedule the flight on your desired departure date, have ground ambulances ready if you have opted for these, and they will also contact the hospital/ medical facility in the destination country to update them about the arrival day/time so that they are ready to receive you. 

How will your air ambulance trip by Medical Repatriation UK be?

How is the experience of flying on air ambulance? 

  • On the day of departure, if you have opted for ground transportation, such as a ground ambulance, Medical Repatriation UK’s team will come to pick you up at a time conveyed to you beforehand.
  • A team of medical experts will oversee the transfer of the patients in the ground ambulance.
  • There will be a paramedic accompanying the patient and monitoring his condition during the trip to the airport.
  • At the airport, your plane will be ready for you. There is no need to wait in line with other passengers to check-in.
  • A medical team will oversee the patient transfer into the air ambulance.
  • After take-off and during the flight, the patient will be constantly monitored by a doctor who will intervene in case of complications occur. (Note: a loved one can usually accompany the patient for free to offer moral support)
  • Once the flight has landed, a ground ambulance will be waiting for you at the destination country.
  • Our medical team will oversee the transfer and ensure a proper hand-off of the patient.
  • Our agents will remain available if you need any more help after the flight. 

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Contact us to book an air ambulance

If you are in the UK and you wish to book an air ambulance or you are overseas and you wish to get back to your home country, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will plan the air ambulance flight according to your needs. Reach us on: