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Had an accident abroad with no insurance? We provide help quickly

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Had an accident abroad with no insurance? We provide help quickly

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Those who have taken out travel insurance usually feel quite safe.

They assume that all eventualities are covered by the insurance and that the costs of possible medical repatriation from abroad will also be covered.

However, the insurance policy does not always cover the costs of medical repatriation. The clauses in the policies are often vague and contain many loopholes. If the insurance company rejects taking over the costs, or where perhaps no insurance cover exists, you are usually left alone to deal with the bureaucratic issues. In these cases, Medical Repatriation UK can provide help quickly and will organise the medical repatriation from abroad.

Accident without insurance: what can I do?

Whether you have suffered a complicated fracture, problems in pregnancy or a heart attack, if you or your loved ones are seriously ill or have an accident abroad, you usually want to get home as quickly as possible for further treatment in your desired hospital. Should such an emergency occur, a call to Medical Repatriation UK is the first step. We will take care of all further steps so that you can receive the right treatment at the right time.

Step 1: call us

We are always available for you and we will process your request immediately. If you or a relative are involved in an accident abroad and want to be transported immediately to another hospital, we will advise you about your options quickly and without obligation.

Step 2: you will get a quotation from us

After we have received your request, we will provide you with a quotation that transparently represents all the costs that will be incurred. As soon as you have accepted our offer we will start planning your repatriation.

Step 3: planning the medical repatriation

The urgency and timing of medical repatriation always depend on your health condition. We choose a suitable transport route and organise the ambulance aircraft. We also take care of the necessary bed-to-bed patient transports on the ground, as quickly as possible. We handle all formalities and all communication with the doctors and deploy the medical staff who will accompany you during the flight.

Step 4: a comfortable and gentle return journey

We will organise a ground ambulance to take you from your location to a nearby airport, where an ambulance aircraft will already be waiting. You will then be accompanied by medical staff and will travel seated or lying down, depending on your medical condition. A ground ambulance will be waiting for you at the destination airport to take you home, or to the desired hospital.

Example: medical repatriation from abroad without insurance

A patient had not taken out travel insurance before his holiday in Egypt. He had an accident while on an excursion and sustained a complicated hip fracture. As a passionate surfer, he placed great importance on restoring his mobility as completely as possible. Therefore, he wanted to have the necessary surgery in the UK and then contacted Medical Repatriation UK. We took care of everything else and organised swift medical repatriation to a UK hospital.

What can I do after an accident abroad with no insurance?

Schnelle Hilfe bei Unfall im Ausland ohne Versicherung

We will help you in a non-bureaucratic manner if you have an accident abroad or are taken ill. Our international departments are available around the clock for a free and non-binding consultation. Even if you have taken out insurance but the insurer refuses to accept the costs, we are happy to help. We can give you tips for dealing with your insurance company, and we would also be happy to take care of all communication with the authorities and doctors on-site, which is often difficult for you due to language barriers.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions about how medical repatriation would work after an accident abroad, please have a look at our FAQ, where we have gathered plenty of useful information for you.

Contact us now about your medical repatriation

Our 24-hour service is available for you at any time, even at weekends and on bank holidays. We will gladly advise you and upon request, provide you with a free, non-binding quotation for your medical repatriation. Please contact us: