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Everything you need to know about booking a private medical flight

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Everything you need to know about booking a private medical flight

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Medical Repatriation UK is a well-known international air ambulance service provider. Our primary goal is to provide you with a safe private medical flight. Our professional and friendly teams are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will keep track of every detail of your care transport. They are here to organise land transfers on both ends – departure and arrival destinations – as well as medical repatriation and evacuation via our planes, private jets, or helicopters, all equipped with first-rate medical equipment and a crew of medical experts who are specifically tailored according to your needs. Would you like to learn more about our aircraft and services? Let us discuss the merits of booking a private medical flight with us!

What exactly are our air ambulances?

In some cases, our air ambulances outperform traditional ground ambulances because they are faster, more equipped, and provide a solution for long-distance medical transportation. Designed to be similar to the most modern hospitals' intensive care units, our aeromedical transports carry all of the medical equipment required to provide emergency care. This allows the medical staff on-board our aircraft to treat and stabilise a patient's condition while en route to another facility for treatment

Contrary to popular belief, air ambulances have numerous advantages over traditional ambulances. So again, our ambulance flights transport a medical team that has been specially trained for the patient's condition. Unlike regular ambulances, which typically carry only paramedics, our teams are composed of one doctor and one paramedic. Solely concerned with the transferred patient's well-being, comfort, and the stabilisation or improvement of his medical condition, they are not in a rush to treat other patients, as can be seen in ground ambulances. The conditions on our aircraft also provide the patient with more comfort than any other modes of transportation.

A brief overview of the medical flight industry in the UK

To address the question of ambulance flight accessibility across the United Kingdom, Medical Repatriation UK provides air medical services that are easily accessible. We use helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft to respond to medical emergencies and transport patients to, from, or between healthcare facilities. In addition to repatriation and evacuation operations, we also transport patients between specialised centres for regular treatment.

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Anyone who can afford flight ambulance services has easy access to them. However, private aeromedical transport, by definition, has its set of expenses. Private health or travel insurance companies, on the other hand, may cover the ambulance flight transfer costs entirely or partially. Learn more about this here.

When are our ambulance flights required?

Unfortunately, medical flights are needed in far more cases than one might think. People have been traveling from country to country more than ever before, owing primarily to the availability of low-cost flights, as well as the relaxation of border controls following the Covid-19 pandemic. However, as the number of people flying to foreign countries increases, so do the number and types of health issues.

Indeed, many tourists are injured in various types of accidents while visiting a foreign country, such as road traffic injuries, or treks, extreme sports, or climbing accidents. Indeed, even minor injuries can force travellers to cut their trip short and return home, not to mention the high risk of Covid-19 infection.

Other instances in which an aircraft evacuation is required include situations in which a patient cannot receive the treatment they require where they are for any reason. If suitable treatment is only available in another country or the only available health care facility is located a long distance away within the same country, the patient will require a flight transfer to get there.

It is also worth noting that ambulance flights are not only used in life-threatening situations. Medical Repatriation UK's services can, in fact, be retained in non-emergency situations. To name but a few examples, you can contact us to:

  • Transport organs;
  • Transport cancer patients from their home to a specialised health facility for regular treatment;
  • Assist the elderly in moving to another region while providing appropriate care during their transport;
  • Repatriate citizens to their country of origin from a country with border restrictions due to Covid-19.

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Three benefits of flying private with Medical Repatriation UK rather that a commercial airliner

Passengers are becoming more conscious of how they travel as more countries reopen to air travel, with a greater emphasis on health and safety. Medical Repatriation UK rises to the occasion by offering enhanced safety and other benefits that are more valuable and advantageous than ever before.


Medical Repatriation UK's aircraft are a safer way to fly  in comparison to commercial airliners, whether in an emergency situation or not. Meticulously maintained before and after each flight, they expose passengers to fewer security and health risks. Also, there is a doctor on board who has access to cutting-edge medical equipment, a service which  commercial flights do not offer. Furthermore, our passengers have the advantage of using private terminals, away from the hustle and bustle of commercial airline terminals. Indeed, due to the limited number of passengers at private terminals, both personnel and passengers interact with only a few people, limiting their exposure to health hazards. Adhering to high safety standards also means that, in the event of a Covid-19 infected patient inter-hospital transfer (who will not be allowed on a commercial flight), the risk of contagion is 30 times lower, thanks to our special isolation systems. 


Did you know that commercial passengers spend not less than 90 minutes at airports for domestic flights and up to 3 hours for international flights – and this only for a one-way flight? Our private planes eliminate all waiting time while also allowing passengers to complete travel procedures like boarding, customs and immigration in a matter of minutes. For patients whose time is valuable, this means improving their chances of recovery or even survival.

In an era when travel policies are constantly changing, the adaptability of private travel is more important than ever, particularly for critical medical and repatriation flights. When you book a flight with Medical Repatriation UK, you have the freedom and flexibility to fly on your own schedule. Our medical flights can often be arranged in a matter of hours!

Amenities and comfort

To give you an idea of how generous our aircraft's space is, a seriously injured or ill patient can be transported lying down on a stretcher without encumbering the medical staff at his bedside.

Let's talk about the advantages of flying with us from a medical standpoint.

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Why book a medical flight to/from the UK with Medical Repatriation UK?

When it comes to the aeromedical transportation of the sick or injured, our aircraft are used in two specific cases: medical repatriation, which consists of transporting a patient from his vacation destination to his country of origin so that he can receive appropriate care; and medical evacuation. In the second scenario, the patient is transported to the desired healthcare facility.

Medical Repatriation UK's transport services are equipped for either medical repatriation or evacuation. This considers not only the patient's condition or injury, but also the possibility of complications during the flight. Our medical planes can transport standard medical equipment. This could be a stretcher that allows the patient to lie comfortably throughout the flight. They can also be outfitted to provide critical care. In this case, we carry the most comprehensive and up-to-date intensive equipment on board our flights. We use cutting-edge monitoring devices to continuously monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, pulse, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and temperature. Our services are also available to anyone who has been infected with Covid-19. In this regard, the most recent isolation devices allow them to be transferred safely, without risk of infecting other passengers, including the flight crew, who wear protective clothing. Age is also another important factor that we investigate further into during your initial call. Thanks to our pediatric services, our planes can be specially outfitted to transport children. 

Each of our medical flights is staffed by at least two medical professionals. They have extensive experience, special training in aviation medicine, and are experts in a variety of pathologies. As a result, Medical Repatriation UK arranges for the necessary medical equipment and teams to suit your emergency when confirming your booking.

How to reserve a private medical flight with Medical Repatriation UK?

Medical Repatriation UK is available if you require an air ambulance. We have a well-equipped fleet and the personnel needed to ensure a safe and comfortable flight. The booking procedure is simple and quick! You can reach us via phone or email. We will gather some important information pertinent to the characteristics your medical flight must have (whether it is an emergency flight or not) and what type of assistance staff you require.

Any further questions?

We answer many of the questions on the topics of medical repatriation and patient transfers in our FAQ.

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