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Emergency Repatriation UK

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Emergency Repatriation UK

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What is an air ambulance?

An aircraft service that securely delivers ill, injured, or clinically critical patients from one area to another is known as an air ambulance. They're loaded with life-saving hospital equipment, medicines, and machines. An air ambulance also has licensed medical professionals, critical care nurses, and hospital-based personnel on board. 

A medevac aids those who need hospital attention in a country that is logistically far from their current location; hence, an air ambulance plane is used to transport a person to another country. When people are hurt or sick and can't get medical help, they frequently need medical emergency repatriation back to their home country. For the case of British Nationals and residents, they often must be transported quickly to the UK so that they can receive the best health care services. 

Does your insurance cover emergency repatriation? 

When determining how much air ambulance services will cost you, there are several things to consider. This is a difficult process because each patient's insurance coverage and health condition are unique. Many people with business insurance, private travel insurance, or healthcare coverage don't think twice about paying for an ambulance because they expect their insurance will cover the cost and that medical evacuation and repatriation insurance would be automatically procured. Deductibles and coinsurance restrictions in medical and transport insurance plans may however lead to a significant repatriation medical cost even if coverage is given. The truth is that insurance doesn’t always cover the costs of emergency repatriation even if you have travel insurance with repatriation. 

The most important aspect in determining whether or not your insurance will cover your medevac is evaluating whether or not the air ambulance service is deemed a "clinical requirement."  A patient’s medication, therapy, or assessment must meet the following criteria to be considered "medically necessary":

  • The treatment, test or procedure in another location is required for the patient’s health or to treat the diagnosed medical problem
  • It must not solely be monetarily beneficial to the patient or for the patient's or medical care provider's convenience.
  • In terms of frequency, location, and duration, be medically appropriate.
  • Be consistent with recognized medical practice principles

Despite the above, Medical Repatriation UK provides air ambulance services even if you do not have adequate insurance coverage. This is a factor that sets us apart and makes us unique in the market. You can contact us any time as our medical repatriation experts are here to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in making your repatriation back to the UK as simple as possible. 

Factors that impact medical repatriation costs

To determine the cost of air ambulance services, we must consider the following factors: 

The severity of the patient’s condition

The medical personnel and equipment required must be chosen based on the patient's condition. Depending on the diagnosis, a medevac flight at sea level with cabin pressure equivalent to ground pressure may be required, lengthening the trip and therefore increasing the cost of delivering the patient.

The distance the air ambulance needs to cover

The transportation costs from the air ambulance facility to your location, as well as the cost of the air ambulance's return journey, may be your responsibility. As a result, it can be advisable that since air ambulances have highly different rates, customers should rely on the expertise of professionals such as Medical Repatriation UK, to find the best prices for their repatriation. 

Accompanying people

During the medevac flight, it is possible to have close friends and family members with you. As a result, the total cost of the ambulance trip is determined by the number of passengers. We can usually transport one accompanying person free of charge, but we can also take numerous relatives on an emergency repatriation flight. Please inform us of your request, and we will happily arrange for a bigger ambulance aircraft to be dispatched to you.

Need for medical resources

Medical treatment has two components: staff and technology. The expenses of emergency repatriation will increase if the condition necessitates the air ambulance is equipped with modern life support and surveillance systems. There may also be a need for specialized human care that can only be provided by highly trained experts. We pick the right mode of transportation and compose the medical team based on these criteria.

Every emergency repatriation case is unique and our expertise in the field allows us to find the best solution for your needs. Our specialists can provide you with a free estimate for the cost of your emergency repatriation at any moment over the phone. We always advise you to contact us directly so that we can calculate the cost of medical repatriation by ambulance jet, scheduled airliner, or ambulance helicopter. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to answer your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We can answer all your questions regarding emergency repatriations, on medical repatriation companies in the UK, the cost of air ambulance helicopter and the cost of an air ambulance call out, and medical evacuation.

Our worldwide team of medical aviation professionals has decades of expertise. Each member of the team is focused on providing the best possible transfer for each patient while easing the strain on the family to the greatest extent feasible. We follow ISO 9001 standards, so you can be confident in our knowledge and professionalism. We pride ourselves on our team and the friendly camaraderie incorporated in our office. The thing that sets us apart is our flexibility and the way we offer a free, no-obligation call to get a quote. If you want to get in touch with us, do so, via phone, email, or our contact form and introduce yourselves to a world of ease!

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