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Air ambulance from Spain to UK

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Air ambulance from Spain to UK

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When one thinks of a holiday in Spain, no one will think of an accident so severe that a surgery or a longer term of hospital stay in Spain is needed. At least no one who never had to undergo such a crisis. Unfortunately, our long-standing experience shows that these kinds of disasters happen to many people. Since Spain is a popular holiday destination for UK citizens, we receive a lot of inquiries from British holidaymakers. Most of them forgot to buy a travel insurance leading to high costs when the need arises to get a medical repatriation to the UK.

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So, what do you do if this scenario occurs to you or to one of your loved ones in your holiday? In order to receive the best medical treatment, it is most of the time best to get back to the UK. At Medical Repatriation UK, we are committed to making your medical repatriation from Spain to UK as easy as possible.

How may Medical Repatriation UK help you?

We can organise air ambulance flights from Spain to the UK at short notice. The services we offer and our high standards of care make us one of the best air ambulance companies worldwide. Our flights are affordable and each one is organised by our experts who take into account the patient’s specific needs when planning the flight. All you need to do is to contact us and we will make arrangements for our team to reach you as quickly as possible.

In order to ensure you have the smoothest medical evacuation possible, we work tirelessly from the moment you contact us, until the moment we hand you over to the doctors in the UK, or deliver you to your home.

Our services

We have a wide range of aircraft including air ambulances and ambulance helicopters, making it possible for us to cater for the requirements of most patients. All our air ambulances are fitted with the latest medical equipment which can be added with extra equipment, if required.

We have a team of specialist doctors and medical practitioners to escort critically ill patients, such as people who are returning home after a stroke or heart attack. Our professional staff are on hand to provide first aid if necessary, to keep a patient’s condition stable during the flight.

Our bed-to-bed service means that we can organise your entire medical repatriation – just think of us as a one-stop shop. For patient transports by air ambulance we will pick you up in an ambulance or emergency vehicle and will take you safely to the airport via the most direct route. Upon landing, another medically staffed ambulance vehicle will be waiting for you to take you home, or to your destination hospital. Naturally, we coordinate all pick up and departure times so that we can avoid unnecessary waiting times for the patient as much as possible.

Another service that we offer, which also makes us stand out from the crowd, is our 24/7 consultation for patients and family members. If you have any queries, just give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you!

What is the cost of a medical repatriation from Spain?

The cost of a medical repatriation from Spain depends on various factors. Among other things, the distance to be covered and the required means of transport are major considerations. In addition, the urgency of the request, the condition of the patient and the desired number of accompanying persons can influence the cost. Therefore, an individual quotation must be calculated for each case, which we can gladly provide for you free of charge and without obligation.

Any further questions?

Do you have any further questions? In our FAQ you will find more information on intensive care flights aboard ambulance aircraft.

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If you have any questions about the medical repatriation process, or for an offer that is carefully tailored to your circumstances, feel free to contact our 24-hour service at any time. You can reach our experienced international team via: