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Air Ambulance from Kenya to UK

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Air Ambulance from Kenya to UK

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When the Kenyan government decided that health would be handled at the county level rather than the national level – the idea was noble. It brought the services closer to the people and created employment for the locals.

However, local county hospitals were unprepared, and patient care began to deteriorate as a result. In addition to an average spend of USD 6.2 per capita (against a recommended spend USD 34 per capita as per WHO), did not bode well for those seeking urgent and reliable healthcare.

No one can deny what draws us to the country – the landscapes, the people, the food, the experiences, the business and much more. But no one can schedule illness. When it happens, there is little or no time available to try and fix infrastructural issues – there's only an illness that needs urgent treating.


“An air ambulance from Kenya to the United Kingdom is available for people who reside in Kenya and those who have travelled for business or pleasure.”

Visualise yourself in the middle of a medical emergency that requires urgent attention, you want to be closer to family/friends, or you need the  peace-of-mind of a higher quality facility.

In this case, an air ambulance may be the best solution for you as it guarantees a quick and safe flight.

It might seem easier to travel on your own to receive medical care – but the safest way is via an air ambulance. There are two types of air ambulance options for you to pick from.

The first one is via a commercial flight accompanied by medical personnel. If you opt for this, you will be accompanied by a doctor or a paramedic while lying down on a stretcher or sitting upright in business class. 

The second type of air ambulance is an ambulance jet. While it is cheaper to travel via scheduled flight, a private jet with the latest medical equipment will provide you the best in-flight medical care. It can also be organized on shorter notice than a commercial flight, which means that depending on how you or your patient is doing, a private jet might not only be a better option – it may be necessary.

Is Your Air Ambulance from Kenya Covered Under Insurance?

Insurers typically handle the idea of air ambulances differently. Some might cover the entire process, inclusive of associated costs, while other insurers have certain limitations in place depending on what they think is necessary.

Most times, what is covered or what is not, is vague. For absolute certainty, please find out where you stand by having a conversation with your insurance provider.

They will tell you whether an air ambulance is included in your policy or not. Even if an air ambulance is not covered, some insurance providers often provide superior coverage on request which is only possible before you take your trip to Kenya and fall ill there.

If you still have problems with your insurance company, our Medical Repatriation UK team is always available to talk to you about your plan B and help you figure out how to get back home.

How we calculate the cost of an Air Ambulance from Kenya


They say you can't know anyone's pain until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Medical cases offer the same riddle – we can't standardize costs because every case is very different. Because of this, we calculate our prices on a case-by-case basis. To arrive at this calculation, we look at a wide variety of factors around the issue. Some of the factors that we consider may include:

  • The distance covered
  • The route
  • The patient's state of health
  • Level of attention given
  • The number of friends and family accompanying the patient
  • The type of air ambulance required
  • The urgency of the request

Why Should You Choose Medical Repatriation UK?

We have tie-ups with all major airports in the country as well as smaller airfields. As such, the Medical Repatriation UK is your perfect partner for an air ambulance from Kenya to the UK.

Our highly qualified and experienced team will manage your entire journey via our bed-to-bed service and guarantee premium in-flight medical treatment.

What's more, we have a fleet of well-equipped aircrafts and a large team of experienced professionals in the medical field available to you at some of the most competitive rates in the world.

Feel free to reach out to our team any time – day or night. We are on standby to talk to you about all the options available when selecting an air ambulance service.

Please call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation about an air ambulance service from Kenya to the UK and find out why Medical Repatriation UK is the right partner for you. You can also reach us via email or by filling in your information in the contact form below, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Any further questions?

You will find more information about the medical repatriation of patients from Kenya in our FAQ. The answers to the most important questions are summarised there.

Contact us now for your medical repatriation

If you require medical repatriation from Kenya to UK, you can contact us at any time. We would be happy to advise you and can provide you with a free, non-binding quotation upon request. You can reach our 24-hour service: