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Air ambulance from India: your safe flying option in case of a medical emergency while on holiday

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Air ambulance from India: your safe flying option in case of a medical emergency while on holiday

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The history and culture of India is so vast that it has become a land of mysticism and intrigue for British residents and citizens. This is just one of the reasons why it has become a popular tourist destination for British travellers. They wish to discover a whole new world.

While a holiday in India is a time of discovery, the act of travelling and the infrastructure of the country increase tourists’ vulnerability to certain medical emergencies. Private hospitals in India are an option to obtain treatment in the event of an injury or sickness. However, getting back to the UK for recovery is possible in our air ambulances, which are equipped with the latest medical equipment. 

India landscape

Why do Brits visit India for the holidays? 

India is synonymous with a destination offering tourists a myriad of experiences at one go. Considered a one-stop shop for tourists, it caters to all types of holidayers, offering unique escapades into a completely different world for British travellers. Safaris, beaches, picturesque landscapes, shopping opportunities, great cuisine and immersion into another culture, India has all to offer. Let’s look at the top nine reasons why Brits enjoy travelling to India for their holidays.

  1. Visiting India can be extremely affordable: From luxurious accommodation to food and transport: everything is cheap in India
  2. The rich culture and history: With a rich history dating back to over 5000 years, India is a gem for historians and has a diverse culture 
  3. The incredible architecture: Remember the Taj Mahal, palaces, temples and many more
  4. The natural landscape: the Himalayas, the lakes, waterfalls, mountains and meadows
  5. The pristine beaches in Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Radhanagar
  6. The incredible food: test both the street food and restaurants
  7. Shop for cheap: besides the shopping mall, visit the old markets and bazaars
  8. The wildlife: discover wild species, exotic birds and the Royal Bengal tigers
  9. India is a land of spirituality and peace: perfect for a retreat 

Medical emergencies that can happen to British travellers while on holiday in India 

An important part of planning for a holiday abroad is planning for contingencies with regard to medical emergencies. India, being different from the UK, whether in terms of environment, weather or temperature, certain precautions are in order so that you can enjoy your holidays.

Some of the top medical emergencies that are common in India are:

  • Dehydration, sunburn and heatstrokes - because of the sun, heat and crowd
  • Food and waterborne diseases such as gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea, food poisoning or pneumonia
  • Fever, including Covid-19
  • Injuries and trauma from road accidents
  • Drowning, especially in Goa
  • Injuries/ fractures related to falls
  • Injuries, cuts and wounds related to assaults
  • Pregnancy-related complications

patient sick

To prepare for these medical emergencies, make sure that you

  • Pack a ‘first-aid kit’ with essential medications 
  • Get all the vaccines needed
  • Learn about Covid-19 recommendations
  • Research on where to get emergency care
  • Take travel insurance covering medical repatriation

Where to obtain medical treatment in India? 

What happens in case of an emergency while you are on holiday in India? Where to obtain emergency treatment and care?

The healthcare system in India is diverse, with notable discrepancies when it comes to the quality of care in urban and rural areas and in public and private hospitals. 74% of medical professionals operate in urban areas and rural regions are served by only 26%, which is very telling of the unequal distribution of healthcare services for Indian residents. 

In all cases, being a tourist in India means that you are going to have to pay for any treatment being administered. The most reasonable option would be to seek treatment in a private hospital considering that the quality of care will be exceedingly higher, in contrast to public hospitals. 

Healthcare in India v/s the UK 

Regardless of the quality care provided privately in India, it is no surprise that India has been working towards recreating the NHS model of health services. 

One of the main distinctions would be that the NHS provides free quality healthcare to everyone in the UK. Even with certain shortcomings, the NHS is considered to be one of the best healthcare systems in the world. While India has tried to replicate this model, the system has collapsed, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic bringing more strain. Experts have been talking about a “shortage of oxygen cylinders, medicines, infrastructure, logistics, or policy formulation and coordination”. 

In comparison to India, the NHS is considered to be a more organised system, with each patient having his own patient profile that is readily available and accessible to all medical professionals. Proper medical documentation and records are important since they will prevent a wrong diagnosis and will ensure that the most efficient treatment is being administered, based on the patient’s history. 

Getting back from India to the UK while sick or injured

Regardless of the level of care, getting back to the UK if you got sick or injured while on holiday is beneficial in more ways than one. You will be obtaining treatment from a doctor who is acquainted with your medical history and will provide more efficient care. Moreover, recovering at home, closer to, and with the support of, your loved ones will increase the rate of your recovery. How to get back to the UK in case you cannot board a commercial flight? Medical Repatriation UK offers air ambulance services from India to the UK. 

plane to India

Air ambulance from India to the UK 

Instead of a commercial flight, sick or injured British travellers can fly back to UK from India on an air ambulance. This type of medical flight allows patients who cannot fly commercially because of the risk to their health to travel back to their home country safely and quickly. It is fitted with the necessary equipment to treat even ICU patients and there are medical professionals on board to provide treatment and care en-route, at every step of the flight. Even patients requiring constant intensive care can opt for medical repatriation and fly onboard air ambulances without worrying. 

Air ambulance for Covid-19 patients from India to the UK

Being infected with Covid-19 while on holiday in India can be daunting, traumatic and risky, especially in case of prior health complications. Nonetheless, staying isolated in India is not the only option for British travellers. Medical Repatriation UK has two solutions allowing Covid-19 patients to travel without infecting others. Those without any symptoms and not needing medical supervision can fly on a private jet whereas others can travel in an isolation shell in our air ambulances. These isolation shells have special ports via which doctors on board the flight can administer drugs and the appropriate care to the patient. 

ICU equipment on plane

Medical escort from India to the UK 

In cases of milder illnesses and injuries that are allowed on board commercial flights, but require medical supervision or medical assistance, medical escorts on a commercial flights are an option. This would imply flying commercially but with a medical professional alongside. The latter will assist you and monitor your condition throughout the flight. He will also offer emergency care if needed. However, this option dependent on several conditions, the main ones being the patient must be stable enough to fly commercially, to wait for a scheduled flight and the airline company must give approval to have the patient on board. 

How fast can Medical Repatriation UK arrange an air ambulance from India?

Depending on your situation, Medical Repatriation UK can usually arrange for an air ambulance from India to the UK within two days of the booking being made. Thanks to our established network in the aviation field and our experience organising air ambulance flights, we can guarantee fast dispatch time. Moreover, with Medical Repatriation UK, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Multilingual agents, including Hindi-speaking avation experts, operating 24/7
  • Personal case manager
  • Customised air ambulance solution based on your needs
  • Latest medical equipment
  • Specialist doctors
  • Customised quotation based on your needs

Contact Medical Repatriation UK for an air ambulance from India 

In case of a medical emergency while you are on holiday in India, you can get back to the UK easily in our air ambulances. Contact us at any time and on any day for a free consultation and a no-obligation consultation. Our aviation agents are reachable on: