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Air ambulance for children: what you should know?

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Air ambulance for children: what you should know?

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Do you require a children's air ambulance? Simply contact Medical Repatriation UK and our expert teams will take care of the rest! We work closely with flight coordinators, health professionals, and parents to plan travel logistics for the tiniest patients who will require not only long-distance patient transportation but also quality in-flight medical care. We have worked with numerous children's hospitals throughout the world, so we can get your child to wherever they need to be for treatment. Furthermore, our comprehensive services include bed-to-bed transfers. So, once you call us, we will get to work making all travel arrangements from your little one’s current location to the location where he or she requires treatment, and back home if necessary.

Our air ambulance services for sick and injured children and babies

An accident with serious health consequences, a rare disease that necessitates specialized treatment - there are numerous reasons why a child may need to be transferred from one hospital to another via an air ambulance. However, if the little patient is in critical condition, inter-hospital transfer via scheduled airliners, as well as most air medical escort operations pose a challenge.

Medical Repatriation UK can provide your child with seamless long-distance patient transportation and a secure bed-to-bed service directly to the destination hospital. Our care transport services consist of a ground ambulance and an ambulance flight, both of which are outfitted with medical equipment equivalent to that of a world-class hospital.


When should you consider a children’s air ambulance?

Do you intend to travel by plane with your child? It is possible that this is their first thrilling adventure. However, if your child is too young, sick, or vulnerable to airborne illnesses, this can quickly turn into a nightmare.

To begin with, air travel is not recommended for babies under the age of seven days. This is because, unless you purchase a ticket for them and they are carried in their own child safety seat certified for use on an aircraft, babies must be securely held in a parent's lap during take-off and landing. And this can seriously put their safety at risk.

Good to know: Commercial airlines have different policies regarding the minimum age for air travel, so it is best to double-check before making plans.

Moreover, newborn babies' systems may have difficulty adjusting to the frequent fluctuation in cabin pressure in an airplane. These changes in cabin pressure can also be painful, especially for young children with smaller eustachian tubes (a tube in the ear that helps even out pressure). If at all possible, your child should not fly within two weeks of being diagnosed with an ear infection.

How can Medical Repatriation’s UK children’s air ambulance help? Our pilots are capable of performing "sea-level flights" or "main sea-level flights." Because the cabin is not pressurized on these flights, the air pressure inside is the same as it is on the ground, thus ensuring the patient’s safety.

Some medical conditions, like heart or lung problems in children, may necessitate extra oxygen arrangements. However, most commercial airline regulations prohibit passengers from bringing their own oxygen onboard. If your child's doctor has determined that he is fit-to-fly, but that he requires supplemental oxygen, you must make this arrangement with the airline at least 24 hours in advance. You must also make sure that oxygen is available during any airport layovers. However, there is no guarantee that this will be possible.

In addition, if your child is diabetic, you should carefully review insulin scheduling and dosing. You should also check the airline's carry-on policies for insulin and syringes (you may need a doctor's note) and request diabetic meals ahead of time (be sure to tell them that your child has type 1 diabetes). However, keep in mind that there may be delays in the food being served.

How can Medical Repatriation’s UK children’s air ambulance help? We are prepared to respond quickly and efficiently whenever an infant requires a medical flight. Our specially trained medical crews are multidisciplinary health professionals with expertise in neonatal or respiratory care. Our aircraft are outfitted with essentials such as a paediatric incubator. When you choose to fly with us, you can be sure that you will receive specialized, quality care with an extra dose of caring and compassion.

Why should you take your child to the United Kingdom for treatment?

Nothing is more important than the health of your child! Understanding what healthcare services are available for them is a top priority whether you are a UK citizen or an expat or a foreigner moving to the UK. We help you navigate this system:

The National Health Service (NHS) provides free healthcare to all children in the United Kingdom. This healthcare is comprehensive, encompassing everything from maternity services and parenting classes to expensive treatment for children with special needs and disabilities. Children also receive free dental care, doctor-prescribed medications, and vaccinations against a variety of diseases. Operations and cancer treatments are also provided at no cost.

The NHS also collaborates with a variety of specialist agencies to improve child health, such as the local council children's services and local children’s centres which provide community healthcare services for families and children. NHS nurses and other children's healthcare professionals provide care and advice on topics such as nutrition, weight management, and breastfeeding.

While the NHS provides a full range of pediatric and specialist health services for your child, you can also pay for private care for added peace of mind. However, because the NHS aims to provide world-class care to all UK residents for free, private health insurance is not compulsory in the country.

Air ambulance: the only option to fly sick/injured children

Great Ormond Street Hospital (London), an international Centre of Excellence in Child Healthcare and one of the world's leading children's hospitals, or Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust (Birmingham), which has Europe's largest single-site paediatric ICU, offer some of the best paediatric healthcare in the UK. But how do you get your child there safely and quickly without putting their health at risk?

When you need a medical flight for an infant to or from a hospital in the UK, you should work with a company that is familiar with the hospitals in the area. We, at Medical Repatriation UK, have developed good relationships with many of these hospitals, allowing us to transport our little patients in and out with the utmost care.

girl in hospital

Our air ambulance missions cover the following areas:

  •       Medical repatriation, for little patients who need to be returned home, for example during or after a vacation abroad, to receive medical care in the UK. It is worth noting that this service is also available for domestic repatriations, such as medical transfers from Derbyshire to London.
  •       Medical evacuation, which allows patients to leave their home country in order to receive world-class medical care in the UK.

Did you know that? Overseas visitors include former UK residents and those who are not ordinarily resident in the UK. They may be charged for NHS services. However, there are exemptions in place to guarantee key public health services. This ensures that urgent or immediately necessary treatment is always available, regardless of an individual's ability or willingness to pay for it.

Medical Repatriation UK’s children’s air ambulances: We get your child quickly to his destination!

If your little one is in a critical condition, he will need to be transported with the highest safety precautions on our children’s air ambulance. He will be monitored continuously by competent health professionals using cutting-edge medical technologies during the entire medical flight transport and ground ambulance process.

Ambulance flights in medically equipped planes

When it comes to long-distance patient transportation, our medical flights are the only viable option. Our medical planes and private jets are kept up to the highest aviation industry standards. Furthermore, in certain circumstances, we can transport not only your child or children, but also accompanying family members or additional healthcare specialists for medical surveillance.

Some of the medflight aircraft you can charter via Medical Repatriation UK are the:

o   King Air 200: with a range of 2900 km;

o   Learjet 55: with a range of up to 4000 km;

o   Citation 550 Bravo: with a range of 3500 km.

All three have space for the medical team, the patient and one accompanying person.

We are experts in the field

At least one doctor and one paramedic, both of whom are paediatric care specialists, will care for your child. Our team is constantly trained and has many years of medical experience. We can also add additional medical specialists in the respective field, such as paediatric cardiology, depending on your child's medical condition.

At Medical Repatriation UK, we have successfully transported babies, infants and children to and from international and domestic health facilities in order for them to receive specialized care. Our specially trained medical teams are experts in providing specialized care from the time they pick up their small patients until they make a safe handover at the receiving facility.

Any further questions?

Learn more about our children’s air ambulances in our FAQ section.

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