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Air ambulance: all about your ambulance aircraft transport options

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Air ambulance: all about your ambulance aircraft transport options

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Medical Repatriation UK is your dependable long-distance air ambulance transport partner. Our patients and their families are our top priority, and we strive to provide exceptional air medical services to each and every one of them at every stage of the process. We put our heart and soul into every single repatriation/evacuation mission, guided by their individual needs, to get them back home or to the care they require as quickly and safely as possible.

Our air ambulance aircraft transport options

Our medical aircraft fleet, which consists of ambulance jets and helicopters, is designed for and capable of transporting our patients both domestically and internationally. They are frequently chartered to transport patients to a rehabilitation center for specific care, an alternate hospital, or even their home. They are also a preferred option for relieving the stress of flying on commercial airlines, particularly for elderly patients who require more comfortable means of transportation.

To continue, our aeromedical transportations are outfitted with specific medical equipment to transport injured or critically ill patients, in addition to being equipped with cutting-edge avionics that allow us to complete long-distance transfers in the shortest amount of time. This allows our in-flight doctors and paramedics to not only ensure safe and comfortable travel for patients who require specialized care, but also to handle any type of medical emergency while flying at 25,000 feet.

Indeed, our aircraft can be fully equipped, much like a modern intensive care unit, to transport patients having a variety of conditions, including cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

woman having heart attack

Domestic air ambulance aircraft transport

We provide medically configured air ambulance transportation for inter-hospital transfers within the United Kingdom. These planes are outfitted with a stretcher, advanced life support equipment, medication, and, of course, a specially trained flight crew.

Did you know that for many patients, our fixed-wing jets are often the best option? Indeed, because the critically ill or injured are frequently unable or should not be transported by commercial airline, or ground ambulance, our ambulance jets are the preferred option for safely and quickly transporting patients throughout the UK.

International ambulance aircraft transport

Injuries and critical illnesses are unfortunate events that can occur far from a patient's support system or appropriate medical care. As a result, we provide the same benefits as our domestic air ambulance services to patients who need a medical flight to or from healthcare facilities all over the world. This includes organizing international medical escort for those who are physically fit to travel commercially, as well as medical repatriation to return patients home for acute or long-term care.

Specialty care air ambulance transport

We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to transport patients with virtually any medical condition. Patients with severe wounds, cerebral oedema, spinal cord injuries, organ transplant recipients, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary fibrosis, thrombosis, and a variety of other traumatic conditions have been transported by us. We can also arrange transportation for patients of any age, from infants and children to those in their advanced years. We can also send our medical escort to accompany you on a commercial flight if that mode of transportation is medically appropriate for your condition.

Our complete bed-to-bed air ambulance service

Medical Repatriation UK is always by your side!

Inquire about our bed-to-bed services when requesting a quote from one of our representatives. The service refers to the ground transportation necessary to transport a patient to and from an air ambulance aircraft or a commercial airliner if you choose to fly with a medical escort.

ground ambulance interior

The process begins with our staff requesting your patient's medical information. We use this information to determine whether they are fit for transportation, as well as the best mode of ground transportation. We then arrange for the patient to be picked up from their private residence, a hospice or a healthcare facility to the designated airport (private) terminal, where the commercial aircraft or our air ambulance aircraft will be waiting. The process will be reversed when arriving at the destination airport. The appropriate ground transportation will be waiting for them upon their arrival, ready to take them to their final destination.

Simply put, we will coordinate the patient's travel from the time we pick them up until they arrive at their final destination. Our bed-to-bed service also means that the patient is always accompanied by the same medical team throughout the medical transport, ensuring continuity of care.

About Medical Repatriation UK: The Industry Leader Among Air Ambulance Companies

We are so much more than just an air ambulance service! Since our establishment, we have been the reassuring voice on the other end of the phone during a medical emergency, as well as the helpful hand when time is of the essence. We are your advocate in medical air ambulance transportation and will go to any length to meet the needs of our patients and their families at every stage of the process, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our teams are dedicated to the care and safety of our patients, the development of strong working relationships with case managers, and the achievement of our mission at all times. Their extensive knowledge of healthcare, technology, communications, logistics, and patient care directs our actions at every stage of the medical repatriation/evacuation process.

medical team with patient

We guarantee the following in everything we do:

  • Customer Service: We are advocates for our patients and collaborate with all parties involved.
  • Operational Excellence: We provide the best medical care and the safest medical transportation, including our seamless bed-to-bed service.
  • Trusted experience: We are one of the industry's most experienced air ambulance companies.
  • Reliability: Throughout the process, our staff will be available to you around the clock.
  • Best Price: We are dedicated to finding the most affordable air ambulance prices for transporting our patients.
  • Fast Action: Most medical transports can be scheduled as soon as reasonably possible following payment and can usually reach you the same day
  • Best Care: Our medical personnel are specially trained to provide the best possible care both mid-flight and on the ground.
  • Highest Safety: We are committed to providing safe transport for our patients and crew.

Do you have any additional questions?

Many of the most frequently asked questions about long-distance patient transfer to the UK are addressed in our FAQ.

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