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The tale of 78-year-old Mrs. Rosemary with food poisoning in Portugal

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The tale of 78-year-old Mrs. Rosemary with food poisoning in Portugal

This particular mission is the perfect example of how the elderly are more vulnerable and they need more attention, care and assistance, even for tasks that may seem manageable for the rest of us. This is when our air ambulances and specialised services come in handy. 

Our client, Mrs. Rosemary* had the unfortunate experience of getting food poisoning in her Hotel & Spa in Portugal. While one option would be to wait out the disease in her hotel room, another one would be to get back home in Scotland. However, flying commercially is both uncomfortable and tiring in this situation. 

old sick lady

The complaint: “I am feeling worse”

Mrs. Rosemary, a sweet old-lady aged 78 years old, called us complaining of food poisoning. She wanted to get back home as soon as possible, but felt she would not be able to endure the pains of travelling on a commercial flight. Having to wait in line during check-in and the lengthy boarding process can be an ordeal for someone sick and weak. She requested an air ambulance from Portugal to Scotland to get her back home. 

Meanwhile, she tried to obtain treatment from a doctor in Portugal. The latter confirmed a case of ‘viral stomach infection’ and prescribed some medications. However, our patient started “feeling worse” and wanted a “private transfer home”. Our agents immediately got to work to organise her medical repatriation from Portugal to Scotland. 

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The air ambulance flight from Portugal to Scotland - “most impressed” with our services

We made sure to provide Mrs. Rosemary with complete assistance all throughout the transport process, considering her fragile condition. As part of our bed-to-bed service, we offered to carry her to the ground ambulance while picking her up at the hotel. However, she preferred to walk to the vehicle and requested assistance with her luggage, which we were happy to provide. 

Just two days after she made initial contact with us and on the following day of the booking, the air ambulance flight took place. We picked her up from the hotel and she was taken to the airport where she entered the airport via a separate entrance. She did not have to go through lengthy check-in procedures as she had feared. Instead, she was able to immediately board the medical plane and fly off to Scotland. 

Upon landing, she just had to alight from the plane and get into the ground ambulance that was already waiting for her. Mrs. Rosemary reached her home “pleasantly and safely” and she testified that she was “most impressed” with our services. 

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