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Medical repatriation from Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

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Medical repatriation from Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

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Krankenrücktransport von Sharm El-Sheikh (Ägypten) nach Almaty (Kasachstan)

An illness on holiday is always inconvenient and clouds the most enjoyable time of the year. A severe disease or injury abroad, where the patient has to be admitted to a local hospital, is particularly distressing. Another problem is that depending on where you are holidaying, inadequate medical standards or treatment options can make it necessary to bring the patient safely back to their home country as quickly as possible.

Precisely in such situations, our friendly staff at Medical Repatriation UK are the right people to talk to for patients and their relatives. Regardless of where you are when you need our help, we can get your medical repatriation underway in the shortest possible time while maintaining the highest standards.

Medical repatriation after a heart attack

We recently demonstrated our worldwide expertise in the field of patient repatriation once again. In the popular holiday resort of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, a tourist from Kazakhstan suffered a sudden heart attack. Fortunately, the patient was resuscitated by local doctors but was subsequently in a coma.

His family were extremely concerned and requested an immediate medical repatriation of the intensive care patient back to Almaty, Kazakhstan, in order to continue his treatment and rehabilitation nearer home. In close collaboration with the Kazakh health authority, our Russian-speaking team was able to organise everything needed for a speedy medical repatriation to Kazakhstan.

Successful patient transfer to Almaty

This enabled us to provide a Learjet 45 ambulance jet in Sharm el Sheikh International Airport in less than 24 hours. We put together a team of intensive care specialists to ensure the constant and efficient monitoring of the comatose patient during the return journey. Our Arabic and Russian-speaking colleagues made sure that communication was smooth at all points throughout, thereby relieving the patient's relatives of further stress.

After our accompanying flight doctors had handed over the patient to the ground ambulance team meeting him at Almaty Airport, his family was relieved and grateful that the patient's repatriation had been so fast and smooth.

We are here for you

No matter where you are in the world, our medical repatriation service will bring you home safely and quickly aboard the appropriate ambulance aircraft. We take care of the whole process and ensure the swift, patient-friendly repatriation of your loved one, without any delays. Our international departments are at your disposal around the clock, 365 days a year.

Contact us now about your medical repatriation

Our 24-hour service is here to offer advice at any time. If desired, we can issue you with a no-obligation calculation of the costs of your medical repatriation. Please contact us: