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Medical repatriation from Mallorca to Birmingham

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Medical repatriation from Mallorca to Birmingham

Auslandsrückholung von Mallorca nach Leipzig

No one actually imagines that they will be taken ill, or worse, on holiday. However, if this does happen it is good to know that you can turn to experienced and reliable medical repatriation specialists.

Medical Repatriation UK takes care of the organisation of the entire medical repatriation operation. Our international departments ensure that targeted discussions take place with doctors, hospitals and authorities in the relevant languages in advance of the journey. Therefore, we can always make the best possible preparations for a swift medical repatriation.

Medical repatriation of a coma patient

We were recently able to help another family who had contacted our operations centre in desperation: a coma patient had to be relocated at once from Palma de Mallorca in Spain to Birmingham in order to get the best possible specialist treatment close to home.

In the preliminary stages of this medical repatriation mission our Spanish-speaking team was able to help the patient's relatives to obtain the necessary medical documents and communicate with the Spanish doctors on site. In addition, we succeeded in organising a bed for the patient in a specialist neurological hospital near Birmingham, at very short notice.

As the man was in a comatose state and was therefore an intensive care patient, we organised the total medical repatriation from Mallorca as part of our bed-to-bed service. We didn't just carry out the repatriation in an ambulance jet fitted with intensive care equipment – in this case a Learjet 35 – we also organised the transfers from the hospital to the airport in Mallorca and from the airport to the destination hospital in Birmingham.

Naturally, this medical repatriation was also constantly supervised and monitored by an experienced intensive care medical team. The serious state of the patient's health also required what is known as a sea-level flight. To make this possible, the cabin pressure was adjusted, which is one of the main advantages of ambulance aircraft and is not possible in a conventional aircraft. With the help of all these measures we ensured a medically safe repatriation and handed over the patient safely to the care of the destination hospital.  

Fast and reliable help

If you are abroad and need help, our medical repatriation service can bring you home quickly and safely in the appropriate air ambulance. We can organise the whole repatriation operation and form a multilingual communication interface between all parties. This way, a trouble-free repatriation can take place as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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