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Medical repatriation from Mallorca, Spain

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Medical repatriation from Mallorca, Spain

A serious injury on holiday is one of the most frequent reasons for medical repatriations from abroad. Following initial treatment at the local hospital the patient must be taken back to their home country as soon as possible to receive further treatment or the necessary surgery. In such situations our experts in the repatriation service are happy to answer your questions at any time and can organise a quick and safe medical repatriation for you, according to the highest medical quality standards.

Medical repatriation following a serious head injury

Recently, we received a call for help from the family of a young man who had suffered a severe traumatic craniocerebral injury in an accident while on holiday in Mallorca and had to be stabilised in the intensive care unit of the local hospital, Son Espases.

To get the patient back to Berlin as quickly and safely as possible, we very quickly deployed a Gulfstream 100 Astra air ambulance fitted with intensive care equipment to Palma de Mallorca Airport. Of course, the patient was accompanied by a highly-qualified medical team throughout the repatriation journey.

In addition, upon arriving in Germany we arranged for the patient to be admitted to a specialised hospital in Berlin. We also took care of the necessary transports by ground ambulance from and to the Spanish and German airports in order to ensure that the repatriation from Mallorca was as comfortable for the patient as possible.

Successful medical repatriation to Berlin

After a short flight in the ambulance jet, the young German and his mother landed safely at Berlin-Tegel Airport, from where both were quickly and safely taken to the destination hospital in an emergency vehicle. The patient had a successful operation soon afterwards and is now on the road to recovery.

His family expressed their deep gratitude to the whole medical repatriation team for the smooth return journey and, above all, for the reassuring feeling that the right, competent contact person was at their side throughout. Medical Repatriation UK wishes the patient all the best and a healthy future!

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