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Medical repatriation from Koh Samui (Thailand)

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Medical repatriation from Koh Samui (Thailand)

Many tourists escape the cold British winter, at least for a while, by going on holiday in Thailand. The dreamy beaches of Koh Samui and neighbouring islands like Koh Phangan or Koh Tau are particularly enticing, with their summery temperatures and crystal-clear waters.

It was precisely from this holiday paradise of Koh Samui, we received a request from a patient who had fallen and broken her thigh in several places. The necessary surgery was performed on the island, but the patient wanted her further treatment and rehab to take place in the UK.

Medical repatriation despite tropical storms

Sturm in Thailand

Medical repatriations from Thailand are routine for us – even from Koh Samui – as Samui airport is located on the island itself. In this particular case, however, the weather in Thailand presented a challenge: a tropical storm was due to hit the region around Koh Samui in the next few days. As we could not predict the magnitude of the storm we had to take it into account when making our plans. After all, it was in the interests of the patient for us to conduct the repatriation quickly and safely.

We deployed a Challenger 604 ambulance aircraft. This type of aircraft not only has a long range, but, compared to most ambulance jets, the Challenger 604 is larger and heavier and therefore less vulnerable in windy conditions. As soon as the storm had subsided somewhat and Samui airport reopened, our plane was ready and flew the patient safely back to the UK via Dubai.

The patient was admitted to a London hospital for further treatment as planned. Soon after that she began a rehabilitation programme to restore her mobility as quickly as possible. The patient lost no time in calling us while she was still in rehab: she wanted to thank all those involved for bringing her back home from Thailand in spite of the stormy conditions.

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