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Helping a sweet old man repatriate his wife, a dementia patient

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Helping a sweet old man repatriate his wife, a dementia patient

Dementia… It may happen to anyone as they grow older. It refers to the loss of cognitive functions. This means that the patient is unable to think, remember and reason properly and as it becomes more severe, it can affect a person’s daily life to such an extent that he/she cannot perform normal activities. In the most severe stages, the patient cannot control his/her emotions at all and has to completely depend on others. 

Considering that they cannot even perform basic activities, travelling becomes even more complicated for dementia patients. However, this can be done smoothly via our air ambulances. Thanks to our medical team, we were able to repatriate an old lady with mild dementia safely back to the UK

medical crew on air ambulance

Contact made by a kind old man

We were contacted by a sweet old man, who was staying in France with his wife, looking for medical repatriation services to the UK. Unfortunately, his wife was afflicted with mild dementia and after a fall, he realised that she is unable to travel or perform basic activities without help. 

Since they only had each other, the poor man was unable to attend to his wife’s needs. Indeed, dealing with dementia patients without professional training and experience can be overwhelming. Caring for his wife, the distressed man wanted to get her to a care home in the UK as soon as possible and we made sure that she was able to travel safely, even if the husband was indisposed to fly back with her. Being old and worried, the husband needed step-by-step guidance on how to proceed. Since he was very cooperative, everything was easily arranged as per his satisfaction. 

The flight from France to UK

We made sure to organise everything so that the patient felt comfortable and safe during both the flight and transfers since she was travelling alone.

On the day of the flight, we picked the patient up from the care home in France in a ground ambulance. Then, she was transferred to a private air ambulance. Although she could sit upright and had no issues with regards to mobility, we made arrangements for a special stretcher bed to ensure that she was comfortable at all times. On the flight, she was accompanied by a doctor and a nurse, who cared for her throughout the journey. 

Moreover, we kept liaising with the care home in the UK so that they were ready to receive the patient when she arrives. After landing, she was again transferred to a ground ambulance and was taken to the care home safely, where she is being helped and cared for by professionals.

The sweet husband was satisfied about the whole process and grateful about the way we cared for the patient. More than once, he contacted us to express his gratitude and thanks. 

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