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Medically accompanied flight on a scheduled airliner

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Medically accompanied flight on a scheduled airliner

For patients with acute medical conditions, using an ambulance aircraft is often essential for carrying out a patient transport by air. On the other hand, for patients who are mobile and do not have acute conditions, we can also offer a medically accompanied flight in a scheduled airliner. In particular, weaker travellers or persons with disabilities may benefit from this service. The medical flight attendant is a doctor or paramedic who carries emergency medical equipment and takes care of the patient during the flight.

Medically accompanied flight on a schedules airliner

Preparation for the medically accompanied flight

The health status of the traveller is checked in advance of the flight. This is to ensure that the patient can be transported on the scheduled aircraft without any problems. For this purpose, the airline checks the patient's medical documents and decides on the basis of that information whether transport is feasible. This process requires a lead time of 1 to 2 days.

As part of the preparation phase, we also select the most suitable medical flight attendant for the mission. We look for professional qualifications that are closely aligned to the patient's diagnosis and symptoms. However, the medical flight attendant's human qualities are just as important, to ensure that there is a rapport between the passenger and the attendant. After all, the patient's psychological wellbeing is an essential factor for a successful flight. Of course, the medical flight attendant's emergency equipment is also tailored precisely to the clinical profile of the passenger to be accompanied.

Passenger in wheelchair

Naturally, we also take care of the logistical organisation of the flight. We arrange the flight tickets for the patient and medical flight attendant and, if required, also organise ground transport to the airport and from the destination airport to the patient's required destination. If necessary, we use an ambulance so that the patient's medical safety is ensured during the road journeys as well. We coordinate all the patient pick-up and handover times, so that the duration of the journey for the patient can be kept as short as possible.

The medically accompanied flight

As a rule, medically accompanied flights take place in Business Class. Due to the additional level of comfort in Business Class, the sick passenger is not exposed to any unnecessary stresses. On long-haul flights, the seats can even be fully reclined, which ensures even better care for the patient. On shorter routes, on the other hand, Business Class often consists of regular seats, with every second seat left empty. This arrangement is less comfortable, so we need to check in each individual case whether the patient can cope with these potential strains. If the patient is to be accompanied on the flight by relatives, as well as the medical attendant, this is not a problem. They simply receive a regular flight ticket and travel close to the patient.

It is most convenient if medically accompanied scheduled flights take place on direct flight routes. Indirect services involving connecting flights can cause additional stress for the patient and viability must therefore be checked in each individual case. In such situations we would naturally allow more time for the transfers because the transfer process for a sick patient takes longer than usual. We would thus avoid rushing unnecessarily and changing to a connecting flight would be easy and stress-free for our passengers.