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By Helicopter

Flexible patient transfers from hospital to hospital - without any detours to airoprts

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Medical Repatriation by Helicopter

Auslandsrückholung im Helikopter

We offer medical repatriation by helicopter to our customers who desire it and require direct patient transfer from one hospital to another within a short specific location. Our medically equipped helicopters are often used to transport patients safely and comfortably. Thanks to their unique flexibility and landing capabilities, our ambulance helicopters do not require airports and are therefore particularly suitable for our customers who require direct patient transfers from one hospital to another.

Patient transfer

Ambulance helicopters are not only suitable for time-critical intensive care patient transports but, if desired, can also be used for mobile patients who need to be accompanied by medical specialists. Return transport by helicopter makes sense particularly for short distances and enables fast and flexible patient transfers.

Ambulance helicopters are particularly suitable for patient transport between hospitals as they can usually land on the existing helicopter landing pads in the hospital concerned. Even if a hospital doesn't have its own helicopter landing site, the helicopter can usually land in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, a lengthy transfer journey to or from the airport in an emergency vehicle is avoided.

Ambulance helicopter equipment

The ambulance helicopters we use, such as the EC 135, EC 145, AS 350, AS 35, Bell 212, BK 117 and many others, are fitted with modern intensive care equipment. The medical equipment contained in the ambulance helicopter is comparable to that of a rescue helicopter.

The standard fit-out of an ambulance helicopter includes the following medical equipment:

  • Scoop stretcher with vacuum mattress and patient warming system
  • Biphasic defibrillator, as well as external pacemaker, syringe pumps and pressure infusion bags
  • Mobile intensive care ventilator
  • Infection protection kits
  • At least 2,400 litres of oxygen
  • A bag valve mask with a demand valve and vacuum pumps
  • Portable intensive care patient transport ventilator
  • Multifunctional monitoring for ECG monitoring
  • Emergency backpack with special equipment for the care of children and babies
  • Blood pressure measurement, pulse oximetry, capnography and temperature measurement

Depending on the individual needs of the patient, we are able to install additional medical equipment, thereby ensuring the best possible care for the patient.

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You can find further useful information about medical repatriations by helicopter in our FAQ.

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