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Medical Repatriation to the UK, your options explained

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Medical Repatriation to the UK, your options explained

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+++As countries are closing their borders due to the recent coronavirus outbreak we are also able to repatriate in private jets rather than ambulance aircraft. Feel free to contact us at any time to receive further details on your repatriation flight back to the UK!+++

Krankentransport nach Deutschland

Have you or a relative been taken ill in a foreign country and prefer to receive treatment in the UK? That is understandable because the medical standards throughout the United Kingdom are high compared to many countries in the world. Ease of communication with British doctors and proximity to friends and family are also reasons for a medical repatriation to the UK for British Nationals. In this scenario you can rely on our experience and expertise.

Our services at Medical Repatriation UK: Getting you back home safely

Krankentransport nach Deutschland - Vorteile

As a trusted Air Ambulance Company, we will organize your patient repatriation back home swiftly:

  • We can organize medical repatriations from almost anywhere in the world within a very short space of time back to the UK.
  • We are available for you 24/7.
  • Our modern, medically equipped aircraft ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all patients, even for intensive care patients.
  • We take care of the entire transport operation from bed to bed, including all ground transports.
  • We will provide you with a quotation tailored to your circumstances, in which the costs are transparent.
  • Our international team has more than 40 years of medical aviation experience and is there to support you personally.

Your medical repatriation to the UK

Depending on the location and state of health of the patient, various options are possible for your repatriation to the UK.

Option 1: Medical repatriation by air ambulance:

An air ambulance is the best choice for medical repatriations where medium and long-haul journeys are concerned, but also in cases of serious illness. They can provide for long ranges while being easily deployed from anywhere in the world. Our Air ambulances at Medical Repatriation UK are always equipped with various state of the art intensive care medical equipment ready to be used in case of emergencies while our flights are  accompanied by experienced medical staff. Moreover, we can swiftly organise fast deployments (often on the same day) for your repatriation back to the UK.  

Option 2: Medical repatriation in a scheduled airliner

Medical repatriation to the UK on board a scheduled airliner can be a more economical option for repatriation by air, but is not available on all routes and requires longer lead times. For repatriations with a scheduled airliner, the patient needs to travel seated or lying down, depending on their health condition. Passengers will travel with a medical staff ready to intervene in case of complications. In some rare cases, some airlines have a special “patient transport compartment” with intensive care equipment.  For your repatriation back to the United Kingdom, this option is appropriate for repatriations allowing for longer lead times while especially suitable for medium and long-haul flights. 

Option 3: Medical transport in an ambulance helicopter

A patient journey in an ambulance helicopter is a fast, patient-friendly option for patient transport on short routes. Air Ambulance helicopters provide a time saving and patient friendly option as they can take off and land directly at the hospital These vehicles are fitted with modern intensive care medical equipment with the flights often accompanied by experienced medical staff. This option is particularly appropriate for fast deployments, often on the same day while being especially suitable for short flights. 

Option 4: Patient transport in an ambulance or emergency vehicle

Patient transport in a ground ambulance or emergency vehicle can be an economical alternative on short journeys and for stable patients. Emergency vehicles are a more economical patient transport approach for stable patients while being fitted with modern equipment accompanied by experienced medical staff. They provide for fast deployment, often ready on the same day, while being especially suitable for short distances. Given that the United Kingdom is an island, repatriation from some countries would have to include a ferry transfer or the use of the Eurotunnel. 

The cost of a medical repatriation to the UK

Krankentransport nach Deutschland - Kosten

The cost of transporting a patient back to the UK always depends on your particular case and medical condition. When we are preparing a free, non-binding quotation, we consider the following factors among others:

  1. Means of transport
  2. Distance to be covered
  3. Health status of the patient
  4. Urgency of deployment
  5. Availability of the required means of transport.

Call us now about your medical repatriation to the UK

We will take care of everything for you and bring you and your loved ones back to the UK quickly and safely. Please call us now for a free consultation or a non-binding quotation specifically tailored to your case. Our experienced international team is here for you around the clock. Our contact details:

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3608 0483
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