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Medical Repatriation from Turkey to the UK

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Medical Repatriation from Turkey to the UK

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Strand in der Türkei

Do you need a medical repatriation from Turkey to the UK due to an accident or serious illness? Whether you are looking for yourself or a relative, we are your reliable partner.

Medical repatriation from Turkey: your options

Even from Istanbul, a patient transport to the UK in a ground ambulance would take longer than a day, and significantly longer from eastern cities like Kars or Gaziantep. Because this type of journey represents an unnecessary burden for the patient and may be associated with additional health risks, a patient transfer in an aircraft is the only sensible solution for medical repatriation from Turkey, from a medical point of view. There are different options according to the patient's state of health:

Accompanied scheduled flight

If the patient is stable and able to sit for a while, a scheduled flight accompanied by medical personnel is an economical way of getting the patient home. Medical staff will assist the patient throughout the flight and can intervene immediately in the event of an emergency. A lead time of one to two days is required for accompanied scheduled flights.

Patient stretcher on a scheduled flight

Depending on the patient's state of health it may also be possible to travel aboard a scheduled airliner on a special patient stretcher. This stretcher is separated from the rest of the passengers in the cabin by a privacy curtain. The patient is accompanied by qualified medical staff and therefore receives the best possible care during the flight. Again, a lead time of one to two days is required. Patient transports on a stretcher bed take place almost exclusively on non-stop scheduled flights.

Medical repatriation in an air ambulance

In the case of particularly urgent patient repatriations or for patients with critical health conditions, an ambulance jet is the only possible way to transport the patient safely back to the UK. An ambulance aircraft has similar equipment to a modern intensive care unit and the crew includes a specialised experienced flight doctor. In most cases the air ambulance will be ready to fly on the same day or the next.

Cost of medical repatriation to the UK

The cost of a patient repatriation in an aircraft depends, amongst other things, on the flight route and distance to be covered. Turkey is a large country, so the exact location of the patient plays an important role here. The exact destination in the UK, the patient's state of health, the urgency of the request and the number of accompanying persons can also affect the cost of the patient repatriation. That's why we produce an individual quotation for each request.

We take care of everything!

Our international team will take care of everything for you. In addition to organising the patient repatriation aboard the aircraft, we also arrange the ground transports to the airport in Turkey and to the the UK hospital. If you have not yet organised a bed in a the UK hospital, we can help you with that.

We also have Turkish native speakers in our international team, so we can communicate in Turkish with the local hospital and avoid any language barriers for you. We can also provide our consultation in Turkish if you prefer. Just let us know if you would like to be advised in Turkish and we will connect you with our Turkish-speaking colleagues.

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