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Medical Repatriation from Abroad – Fast and Uncomplicated

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Medical Repatriation from Abroad – Fast and Uncomplicated

Accidents can happen more suddenly than we expect, especially when travelling. Often, it is a sudden stroke on holiday that makes a medical repatriation necessary. After the first shock has subsided, the question arises of how to find a competent medical repatriation provider. This is where we come in: we can organise the entire medical repatriation operation for you and are available to support you throughout. Depending on the urgency of your situation, we will arrange a suitable form of medical transport that fulfils all your requirements. Do not worry about the cost of your medical repatriation from abroad: the cost of your return transport will be borne by your insurance company as long as you have the appropriate travel insurance.  

Patient repatriation from abroad – the costs involved

Many people worry about the costs of a medical repatriation from abroad. If you are wondering which costs you will will be responsible for, we can produce a precise cost calculation for you after the first consultation.

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First and foremost, the means of transport chosen has an impact on the cost of repatriation from abroad. Depending on the distance to be covered and the urgency of the request, a ground ambulance, helicopter, scheduled airliner or air ambulance can be used.

All the vehicles and aircraft we use are well-equipped for medical emergencies. In general, the more complex the requirements, the higher the costs will be for the medical repatriation. We feel responsible for both private individuals paying for the service themselves and patients with the appropriate travel or health insurance. In cooperation with countless insurance companies all over the world, we will be happy to clarify for you who will cover the costs.  

When is a medical repatriation urgently necessary?

There are many cases in which a repatriation is necessary. If the patient has had a stroke while on holiday a medical repatriation is inevitable. Especially if you are on holiday in a country that does not have the same medical standards as the UK, the stroke should not be treated there, but – after a successful medical repatriation – in the UK. But a stroke on holiday is not the only reason for a medical repatriation: complicated fractures, severe infections or torn ligaments can also necessitate a medical patient transport. A medical repatriation is not just dependent on the patient's medical symptoms, local conditions also play a role. Simply contact us if you are not sure if a medical repatriation is necessary in your case.

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Medical Repatriation UK – your partner

We are your competent professional partner if you are looking for an uncomplicated medical repatriation. Your health is our highest priority; that is why our medical repatriation vehicles and aircraft are fitted with all necessary equipment and resources. Of course, the costs of a medical repatriation from abroad are significant. Those costs will usually be covered by your insurance company if you have the appropriate private health insurance or travel insurance. We will find the best solution for you economically and medically, which will be agreed on by all affected parties. You are welcome to submit a non-binding enquiry and we will expertly advise you on your specific situation.  

You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week – we are also here for you on public holidays. Contact us: