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An Expert Guide to UK Medical Flights Abroad

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An Expert Guide to UK Medical Flights Abroad

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When thinking about your vacation or your business trip, you will most probably not think about a possible medical flight that could save your life considering at what part of the world you are at that moment. Unfortunately, we have made the experience that this is very often the case. A lot of people get injured or sick while travelling abroad. Since we know that the medical standards in foreign countries are not as good as the ones at home, Medical Repatriation UK has specialized in this field to get as many people back home as possible.

How do we organize safe and hassle-free medical flights to the UK?

Most patients need to be medically accompanied during the patient transfer journey. Therefore, travelling independently is out of the question. At most times, a journey by ground ambulance can be such a burden on the patient, due to long journey times, that it would be irresponsible from a medical point of view. Therefore, a medical flight is the only realistic option for a patient transfer from abroad. Depending on what level of care the patient needs, this kind of patient transport will take place in either a scheduled airliner or an ambulance aircraft.

Medical flight in an ambulance jet


In case of acute or severe health problems of the patient, there is only one option to repatriate the patient safely and quickly: A medical flight in an ambulance jet. On board the aircraft, the equipment is similar to that of an intensive care unit. This means that even the most seriously ill patients can be transported safely and quickly. An experienced flight doctor and a paramedic are taking care of the well-being of the patient during the journey.

In addition to the medical advantages, rapid availability is the biggest benefit of an air ambulance. In most cases, an ambulance jet can be deployed to anywhere in the world the same day or the next. The aircraft will pick up the patient from the well-known airports but can also pick up the patient at many smaller regional airports in order to reduce the distance. In contrast to a scheduled airliner, an ambulance aircraft can easily land at these local airports and thus bring the patient substantially closer to the destination hospital.

Medical flight in a scheduled airliner

For those patients who are not acutely ill, but still need medical attention, can be transported on a scheduled flight. The prerequisite for this is that the patient must be able to sit upright for the duration of the flight. Transporting a patient lying down is only possible in exceptional cases: most scheduled airliners make the return flight shortly after landing at their destination. The time on the ground is so short that the installation of the necessary patient stretcher bed is not possible. However, we would be glad to check for you whether a lying down patient transport in a scheduled airliner is possible in your case.

Every patient transfer by scheduled airliner requires a lead time of one to two days. During this time the airline checks the patient's medical data and decides whether the transport can go ahead as desired. During the entire patient transport journey, the patient is accompanied by a doctor or paramedic, who can intervene immediately if necessary.

Bed to bed patient transport service

We organise the medical repatriation of the patient from bed to bed: a ground ambulance or emergency vehicle will pick the patient up from their location and will take them safely to the airport. From there, the medically accompanied flight home will begin. At the destination airport another ground ambulance will be waiting for the patient and will take them either to the destination hospital or to their home. As we are effectively a one-stop shop for all these services, we can coordinate the pickup and flight departure times efficiently. This way, there are no unnecessary waiting times and the patient will be transported as quickly and carefully as possible.

Why British Citizens pick us for their Air Ambulance Needs?

Medical Repatriation UK recognises the importance of having a partner who can provide a completely turnkey and reassuring medical evacuation or repatriation experience during these trying times. We have agreements in place with the majority of major British airports as well as smaller airfields, allowing us to deliver high-quality service across the UK. We're here to make sure you have a good time.

What sets us apart?

  1. Worldwide availability
  2. 24/7 availability
  3. Fast dispatch times
  4. International global and British network
  5. Multilingual staff
  6. Transparent costs, no hidden fees
  7. Personal flight consultant, no call center
  8. Maximum relief for our clients
  9. Bed-to-Bed service (if requested)

Contact us now about your medical flight

Our experienced team can be relied on to organise your medical flight by ambulance jet or scheduled airliner. Our 24-hour service is available around the clock and we will advise you free of charge. We are happy to provide you with a non-binding quotation upon request. Please contact us: