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UK medical evacuation in four simple steps: What to know for quick assistance in emergencies

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UK medical evacuation in four simple steps: What to know for quick assistance in emergencies

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For those in need of a straightforward medical evacuation process.

During a medical emergency abroad, it could be vital to organize a medical evacuation back home without any delays. Our experienced staff at Medical Repatriation UK is trained for the worst-case scenarios and will organize your medical evacuation within a few hours. We provide fully equipped air ambulances, with experienced flight doctors and paramedics who will accompany the patient during the journey to ensure a safe and gentle transport.

How do we organize a medical evacuation, a turnkey guide

Our experts will follow the simple steps below to organize your loved one's return home:

Step 1:  Advising you on your requested medical evacuation

At first, we will gather basic information on the patient's condition. Next, taking the flight route into account, we will immediately provide you with a non-binding offer, free of charge. Afterwards, you can decide for yourself whether and when the transfer of the patient should take place. We can even depart on the same day or the next day, if desired. It goes without saying that we are at your disposal at all times, free of charge, for any queries or requests for changes of plan.

Step 2: Preparation for your requested medical evacuation

After deciding to proceed with the evacuation of your loved one; we will take care of the entire medical evacuation operation. We will apply for all the necessary authorisation and permits, coordinate the pick-up and departure times and carry out any further medical clarification that is needed.

In order to relieve you completely of the worry of organising the transport, we offer our 'bed-to-bed' service, for which we also organise the appropriate ground transport to and from the airport. Naturally, if you wish, you can also organise these ambulance journeys independently. In this case we are at your disposal to advise and support you.

Of course, the accompanying person registered for the medical evacuation journey is welcome to stay by the patient's side in the aircraft as well as in the ground ambulance. If a number of friends or relatives would like to accompany the patient, please let us know during our consultation conversation with you. This will enable us to plan a larger air ambulance for your medical evacuation.

Once all the preparations are complete you will receive a detailed flight plan containing all the information about your ambulance aircraft, the pick-up and flight times and all the other important details relevant to you.

Step 3: Process for your medical evacuation

On the agreed date we will pick up the patient from their accommodation in an emergency vehicle and take them to the airport, where they will immediately be transferred to the waiting air ambulance. We will, of course, provide you with regular updates on the status of the medical evacuation operation.

The ambulance jet will fly the patient swiftly to the destination airport, accompanied by a medical team. There, another ambulance vehicle will be waiting for the patient to take him or her to the destination hospital. Of course, our patients will be lying down throughout the journey and therefore won't have to move, which guarantees the highest level of patient comfort and care during the return journey.

Step 4: After your medical evacuation

Once we have transferred the patient to the responsible medical personnel at the airport or the hospital, the medical evacuation is complete. It goes without saying that after completion of the medical evacuation we are always available to answer questions, receive feedback, etc. We are also happy to provide written reports on request, for example for your health insurance company.

Otherwise, it only remains for us to hope that the successful medical evacuation mission has made an important contribution to the recovery of your loved one and that you will never need our help again.

Why British Citizens pick us for their Air Ambulance Needs?

Medical Repatriation UK understands that you need a partner who can deliver a totally turnkey and reassuring experience for your medical evacuation or repatriation back home during these tough times. We have partnerships with the majority of major British airports as well as smaller airfields, allowing us to provide high-quality service throughout the United Kingdom. We're here to make sure you have the finest in-flight experience possible.

The difference with Medical Repatriation UK:

  1. Worldwide availability
  2. 24/7 availability
  3. Fast dispatch times
  4. International global and British network
  5. Multilingual staff
  6. Transparent costs, no hidden fees
  7. Personal flight consultant, no call center
  8. Maximum relief for our clients
  9. Bed-to-Bed service (if requested) 

Here is what our past clients had to say about their experience with us:

“Your air ambulance service was amazing, so professional, kind and supportive... everything you arranged went to plan, and it was an amazing experience sitting in that medical aircraft with Mum. Your Doctor, nurse and pilots took exceptional care of Mum, and all our family are so grateful and thankful that you were able to get mum back home in a stable condition.”
Mrs W. from Watford, June 2020

“Thank you so much for your service in getting my father back to the UK. You were professional, organised, kind and efficient throughout. We appreciated your work very much.”
Mrs. W from London, August 2019

Any further questions, we’ll be glad to assist you

Do you have any further questions? In our FAQ you will find more information on intensive care flights aboard ambulance aircraft.

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the medical evacuation process, or for an offer that is carefully tailored to your circumstances, feel free to contact our 24-hour service at any time. You can reach our experienced international team via: