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The Medical Repatriation Process

From picking up the patient in the foreign hospital to succesfully taking him or her to his destination: we take care of everything.

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The Medical Repatriation Process

Verlauf der Rückholung

If you need help, please start by contacting us at any time. In our initial conversation we will listen carefully to your requirements and find the appropriate means of transport for you. We will also give you the individual costs for your medical repatriation. If you need a written statement so that you can perhaps discuss it in peace with your loved ones, we will send you a non-binding quotation immediately by email.

We are always at your disposal and you are welcome to contact us around the clock with any queries. We will discuss all the details of the planned repatriation with you. We can give you tips, conduct discussions with hospitals at your destination and clarify whether companions can fly with the patient for this particular repatriation. We will only proceed with the preparations for the repatriation when you feel completely informed and reassured.

Preparations for your medical repatriation

After you have instructed us to undertake the medical repatriation, we immediately start to make preparations for the return journey of your loved one and also carry out numerous measures at many different levels. We take care of all the necessary aspects of the repatriation: the application for all permits and air traffic rights, the coordination of times and dates with airports and hospitals and the provision of the ambulance aircraft with a highly specialised medical team on board. In this way, we ensure that the preparations for the medical repatriation usually only take a few hours and the ambulance flight can take place today or the next day.

We are happy to be a one-stop shop for your medical repatriation. This means that we will take care of the entire repatriation operation: from picking up the patient from the foreign hospital, to the ambulance flight and ground ambulance trip to your desired hospital in the UK. Of course, you can also organise the necessary ground transports yourself. In this case, we are on hand to offer advice at any time.

Once all the flight preparations are complete, you will receive a detailed flight plan that clearly shows all the steps of your medical repatriation process. The flight plan also includes information on the ambulance aircraft we will be using and all the flight times and meeting points. Of course, as things progress, we will not leave you to cope alone and are available to answer your queries by telephone at any point during the medical repatriation.

Carrying out your medical repatriation

At the agreed time we will pick up the patient in a ground ambulance or emergency vehicle to take them to the airport. Naturally, a highly qualified medical team will accompany the patient even at this stage. In almost all cases, the patient will not need to pass through the main terminal building: the ambulance vehicle can drive directly onto the apron, where the ambulance aircraft will be waiting. Frequently, there is also a simplified procedure for passport and security checks for ambulance flights, allowing them usually to take place on the apron. This reduces waiting times to a minimum.

After the formalities have been quickly settled, the patient will be transferred onto the aircraft, still lying down. The ambulance aircraft then takes off immediately and flies the patient to the destination airport, accompanied by our highly qualified medical flight team. From there, the patient is taken to the target hospital by ambulance or emergency vehicle and is handed over to the attending doctors on site.

Completion of your medical repatriation

The successful handover of the patient at the destination airport or the target hospital represents the end of the medical repatriation operation. However, even after a completed repatriation, we remain at your disposal for feedback and queries. If required, we can provide written reports for your health insurance company.

Otherwise, it only remains for us to hope that the successful mission has made an important contribution to the recovery of your loved one and that you will never need our help again.

Any further questions?

We answer many of the questions on the topics of medical repatriation and patient transfers in our FAQ.

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