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International Service

We assist you with finding a translator, handle the communication with hospitals and advise you on immigration formalities.

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International Service

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Internationaler Service

We are here to help you wherever you are in the world. Our multilingual repatriation team enables your safe and comfortable repatriation from abroad and supports you in all bureaucratic matters at any time, from our central office.

Assistance when entering the country (visas)

Under certain conditions it is possible for us to help you organise ambulance flights at short notice, even when you are yet to apply for a visa. This particularly applies if treatment in the UK is urgently needed or if medical standards in your home country are so inadequate that treatment must take place in the UK. In time-critical emergencies we will help you with official discussions with the responsible authorities so that bureaucratic hurdles do not jeopardise critical treatments.


We know that misunderstandings can often occur abroad if you are not familiar with the local customs or if you do not speak the language. Particularly when it comes to communicating in hospitals abroad, clear, and direct communication between the patient and relatives, on the one hand, and the medical staff, on the other, is extremely important. For this reason, our multilingual staff will assist you 24 hours a day during the entire medical repatriation operation and will support you by telephone, in the local language, to resolve your queries.

If you need help communicating with the local doctors in the foreign country, we are happy to send interpreters on request. They will be by your side to facilitate contact with the hospital staff and ensure direct and clear communication between all parties.

Contact with hospitals

If you are seeking treatment in one of the many internationally known hospitals and clinics in the UK, or similarly renowned hospitals abroad, we are here for you at any time. Due to our daily worldwide assignments we have partnerships with many clinics around the world. Our international departments can find a suitable specialist clinic for your treatment at short notice and we will be happy to organise the entire stay for you.

Any Further Questions?

You will find answers to many of our customers' questions about the process and organisation of medical repatriations in our FAQ.

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