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What is the cost of a medical repatriation?

The costs of a medical repatriation depend on numerous factors. Upon request we provide you with a free, individual quotation.

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What is the Cost of a Medical Repatriation?

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For every medical repatriation, your wellbeing and the medical considerations are foremost in our thoughts. Following the clarification of the medical issues and questions, the resulting cost of repatriation needs to be discussed. This can be quite considerable depending on the distance to be travelled. For this reason, we will gladly provide you with a non-binding indication of the costs in our initial conversation with you.

We offer many different types of medical repatriation (via ambulance jetscheduled airlinerhelicopter or ambulance vehicle) with different costs. When preparing your individual price estimate, we therefore always clarify, in consultation with you, what is medically advisable and economically viable.

Example Scenario – a short-haul journey:

After a skiing accident in Aviemore, Scotland, it was necessary for the patient to be taken to a hospital in Aberdeen. Due to the relatively short distance, and the terrain, scheduled airliners and air ambulances are not sensible means of transport. Therefore, we were left with a choice between an ambulance helicopter and an ambulance vehicle. We then decided on what was obtainable according to the condition of the patient: for an intensive care patient we would use an ambulance helicopter, for less seriously injured patients, the patient is transported in a ground ambulance vehicle which is perfectly reasonable due to the relatively short distance.

Example Scenario – a medium or long-haul journey:

For a return home from Greece to the UK medical repatriation service, it is exactly the other way around. In this case, from a medical point of view, we would not consider an ambulance vehicle or helicopter repatriation because of the distance to be covered. In such a case, depending on the pick-up location and destination, only air ambulance flights or scheduled airliner flights would be considered. Based on the patient's condition, and other important factors, we would make the right choice in consultation with you.

What are the important factors in calculating the costs?

In order to find the best solution for you, our experts in the medical repatriation service considers a wide range of factors into account that affect the cost of a repatriation from abroad:

  • The patient's condition
  • The distance of the journey
  • Number of people accompanying the patient
  • Need for other medical resources

Taking these requirements into account, we select the appropriate means of transport and assemble the medical team.

Please note: In calculating the costs, the most significant element is, of course, the distance to be covered. Therefore, our experts can immediately give you an estimate for the cost of your medical repatriation at any time over the phone, without obligation. We will also gladly provide you with a free of charge quotation for the costs of the return transport.

We always recommend that you contact us directly so we can provide you with calculation cost for the price of a medical repatriation by ambulance jet, scheduled airliner or ambulance vehicle. Please don't hesitate to call us; we are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.

Who pays for the medical repatriation?

We are partners with many insurance companies all over the world and we can accept the pay-out of the costs from them. But you don't need be insured to use our services. In most cases, you would first engage us yourself to undertake the repatriation and would therefore also be responsible for paying the costs incurred.

If your insurance company or aid organisation agrees to a full or partial reimbursement, we are happy to clarify any financial issues regarding your medical repatriation with the companies concerned. However, should your insurance company refuse to cover the repatriation costs, we can organise the repatriation as a private service for you at any time. We would like to suggest a personal conversation with you in which we can discuss the possibilities of accepting the costs by the insurance company.

Any further questions?

We have put together lots of useful information for you about our medical patient repatriation services in our FAQ.

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