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Costs of a medical repatriation to the UK

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Costs of a medical repatriation to the UK

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Kosten Ihrer Auslandsrückholung

A large majority of people will be of the same opinion that vacation is the greatest time of the year especially when you plan your vacation abroad. Unfortunately, some vacations do not end well. There is a possibility that one hurts itself or gets sick during the vacation. A lot of people would think that there is only one option namely getting a treatment in the country you are on vacation in. But is this always the only and best option?

Since the medical standard in a lot of parts of the world is not as modern as the medical standard in the UK and since treatment abroad can be extremely expensive sometimes, Medical Repatriation UK will offer you a better option. A repatriation back to the UK can both save your life and your money. In urgent situations where the patient needs to be repatriated to the UK as fast as possible, Medical Repatriation UK is the safest option. We guarantee quick and reliable help.

What kind of medical repatriation to the UK is possible?

We offer many different types of medical repatriation around the world, e.g. ambulance vehicle, ambulance helicopter, scheduled airliner or air ambulance. However, the safest and fastest way to get back home to the UK would be by conducting either a scheduled airline or an air ambulance. Crossing the pond by ambulance vehicle is not an option since the drive with the ferry or the drive using the Eurotunnel would be long and exhausting for the patient. Further, we only use ambulance helicopters for short-haul flights. Therefore, we do not recommend repatriating a patient from abroad to the UK with a helicopter. It would generate unnecessary costs and would take much more time than an air ambulance. Our preferred way to repatriate patients back home is by using a scheduled airliner or an air ambulance.

Our experts differ between patients who are seriously and slightly injured. Patients with slight injuries can be transported by a scheduled airliner accompanied by a paramedic or a doctor. Medical Repatriation UK often uses this way of transfer when the patient can sit upright in a normal seat or needs to lay on a stretcher but does not need any intensive care measures. It can take some time to organise a scheduled airliner since we depend on the cooperation of the airlines but it is definitely an economic alternative to the air ambulance.

However, the transportation of a seriously ill patient by air ambulance is in the most cases the only viable option. Medical Repatriation UK can organise an air ambulance on the same day you call, anywhere in the world. It is the safest and quickest way to get your loved ones back home.

Either way, our experts will be glad to help you with your request and will advise you on alternatives for your return journey.

How much does a medical repatriation to the UK cost?

 There are several factors that influence the costs of a medical repatriation to the UK:

  1. The patient’s condition
  2. The distance of the journey
  3. Number of people accompanying the patient
  4. Need for other medical resources

By calling our experts who are available 24 hours a day, you will receive instant help and an immediate quote over the phone.

Any further questions?

We have put together lots of useful information for you about our medical patient repatriation services in our FAQ.

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