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+++ Coronavirus: Click here for more information about repatriation +++

Coronavirus: Click here for more information about repatriation

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Repatriation by Private Jet

We have been working day and night to provide the safest private jet charter transatlantic. We are able to fly transatlantic as well as worldwide in this Coronavirus Outbreak. Book your private charter now to get back home asap.

Coronavirus Covid-19 has appeared all over the world. All the sectors are affected by this Coronoavirus outbreak. All crowded places are closed. All sports are delayed or suspended. All the flights to the US, UK and over the world are banned. Therefore, people, who desperately want to be in the safest land, are demanding urgent private jet charter. Many people are away from their families, many people are stuck in other lands due to suspended flights. Further, no one wants to be in a crowded flight due to Covid-19 fear.

We are strictly following all the updated safety measures, cleaning protocols and operational recommendations by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to avoid any COVID-19 spreading. We are providing extra protective health kit and sanitary equipment in all our private jet charters to transatlantic.

Book your private jet charter to travel transatlantic and worldwide

Visit our website and check all the available private jet charters. We have assigned some of the private charters for some most popular transatlantic routes with a discounted package. In some cases, we are providing  the discounted one way flights as well. Select your customized route and get a suitable quote.

Check all updates and advises on the Coronavirus Covid-19

We are trying our best  to provide safest isolation and sanitary measures, but you also need to well prepared for transatlantic flight. An average transatlantic travel is about 6-8 hours. You’ll need to take a rest during transatlantic travel across the world. Therefore, we are looking to provide you more hygienic and sanitary environment. You should take notes of all the Coronavirus advises by WHO.