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+++ Coronavirus: Click here for more information about repatriation +++

Coronavirus: Click here for more information about repatriation

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Positive Covid test on holiday? Medical repatriation is possible

COVID Test Positive? Find out how to travel back to the UK safely. 

Most countries have now made an up-to-date negative PCR test a prerequisite for anyone wishing to board a scheduled flight. But what happens if the PCR test is positive? In most cases, travel with a positive COVID PCR test is impossible. The scheduled flight will take off without you, and you will have to look for alternatives to and from the UK. There are basically two options available to you: quarantining where you are staying or returning home using another means of transport to the United Kingdom, for example, an ambulance aircraft.

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Quarantining at your location abroad

The obvious option and the one most frequently discussed in the media is quarantine at your location abroad. Many popular destinations have set up special quarantine hotels near the airports for this purpose. There, you will be well looked after for the duration of your quarantine, but of course, you will have to stay in your room. 

Depending on the country you are staying in, you may have to make arrangements for your quarantine accommodation yourself. However, most hotels are prepared for such guests and will not turn you away. So, you can expect to have a roof over your head, no matter where you are outside of the UK. Moreover, it is worth noting that depending on the country you are stranded in, given mandatory quarantine periods imposed by the local government, even if your test provides a negative coronavirus result, you might still not be able to leave quarantine. 

The question of who carries the costs is often problematic. Quarantining in a hotel does not count as a healthcare service and is therefore not covered by regular health insurance or travel health insurance. Some countries take over the cost of the quarantine themselves so that tourists are not deterred from coming. In addition, some insurers offer special Coronavirus travel insurance, which includes, among other things, the cost of a possible quarantine period in a hotel.

Of course, a hotel room is not exactly a spacious place to quarantine. In addition, your holiday country immediately loses its charm if you actually wanted to go home and can no longer move around freely at your holiday destination. And if the positive PCR test presages a serious COVID-19 infection, you may have to reckon with a stay in hospital in a foreign country with a possibly inadequate healthcare system. To make matters worse,  how long you may be required to quarantine is not solely dependent on how long you test positive for COVID-19 but also on any further regulations in place within the territory you are located in. The duration of the infection varies by patient individually, it is therefore also not possible to provide a clear estimation of how long one may get a positive COVID test and be required by a host country to isolate. Therefore, we would like to assure you that returning home after receiving a positive PCR test on holiday really is possible – of course, taking into account all the quarantine regulations.

Ways to travel home with a positive COVID test

Taking a scheduled flight is not an option because you will not be able to present a negative PCR test result. It is worth noting that even if you are vaccinated, you are still highly contagious to other passengers. However, you are not prohibited from leaving the country, so there are still various options for your return home, depending on your state of health and where you are staying.

Always an option: an ambulance aircraft

The fastest and safest way to get home, even with a positive PCR test, is by air ambulance. Here you will be accompanied by medical professionals and will be safely isolated and monitored using state-of-the-art medical technology. This means that even patients who require medical treatment for their infection can still be safely returned to their home country.

Thanks to the impressive range of our ambulance aircraft and their ability to land at smaller airports, you can be picked up from almost anywhere in the world, and brought back home. On the way to the airport, during the flight and for the duration of the onward ground transport after landing, you will remain isolated and will thus comply with the quarantine regulations.

For asymptomatic patients: a private aircraft

If you do not have any symptoms of illness, you can also travel back to your home country in a private plane. In this case, you will remain alone in the cabin of the aircraft for the duration of the flight. This is disinfected after the flight so that there is no risk of infecting others.

A private jet can also be deployed worldwide on almost all routes. You will be taken to the airport in a ground ambulance, in accordance with quarantine regulations. The check-in formalities are also carried out in such a way that you remain isolated from other people.

For short distances: a ground ambulance

Flying is not the only way to travel home with a positive PCR test in your luggage. On shorter routes, specifically on intra-UK repatriations (for instance from Wales to England, or England to Scotland),  a trip in a ground ambulance specially equipped for longer distances is also possible. In the ambulance, too, you will remain isolated from those around you and will not run the risk of infecting anyone. The accompanying medical staff will of course provide you with meals and the opportunity to use the toilet, so that you will not need to rely on public rest areas.

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