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+++ Coronavirus: Click here for more information about repatriation +++

Coronavirus: Click here for more information about repatriation

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Patient transport during the coronavirus crisis by air or ground ambulance

Due to the current pandemic, a lot of people are infected with the coronavirus. And unfortunately, some of them are still abroad in foreign hospitals where most of the time the medical treatment is not as good as the medical treatment at home. Further, doctors and nurses do not speak one’s language which is a great barrier between patients and the medical staff on site. In order to get the best medical treatment available in such a difficult time, most of our patients who are infected with the coronavirus, would like to get back home to their loved ones. Is this kind of transport even possible? Yes, it is! If you need an urgent patient transport, contact our experts now.

Isolations-System mit Patientin

How do we organise the patient transport by air ambulance?

Since it is impossible to transport an infected patient by a commercial airliner due to the high risk of contagion, the safest and quickest way back home is to transport the patient by air ambulance.

Aboard an air ambulance, an experienced flight doctor looks after the patient, using equipment that is similar to the machines in a modern intensive care ward. On board the air ambulance, there is only the patient and a medical team equipped with appropriate protective gear in order to prevent the risk of infection of fellow travelers. Further, we will install a modern isolation device which will guarantee the safety of our patient as well as of our medical team. Due to the negative pressure inside the device, the virus cannot leak out to the environment. Also, the used air will be filtered so that there cannot be any risk of infection. The patient lies safely and comfortably in this device while the flight doctor can treat him through some ports, if needed.  

Is there a way to transport coronavirus patients by ground ambulance?

In general terms: yes, it is. Our vehicles have the same modern isolation device with which we are transporting our coronavirus patients in our air ambulances. Thanks to this device, our patients will be comfortable and safe during the complete transfer and there also will be no possibility that this virus leaks out to the environment and endangers others.


Since the transport via ground ambulance takes longer than via an air ambulance, our medical team decides if this kind of transport is advisable. Because of the stress factor during longer trips, patients with severe symptoms will most probably not be transported by ground ambulance. However, for shorter routes this could be still the perfect way of transportation. If you like to get free advice, get in contact with our experts now.

What is the lead time for a coronavirus patient transport?

If needed, our experts can organise your transport within a few hours. You only need to contact us and we will start planning your individual patient transport immediately.

How much would a patient transport of a coronavirus patient cost?

There are several factors that have impact on the costs of such a patient transport. First of all, the type of vehicle will make a difference when creating a quote. Further, the distance to be travelled is also a very important factor. And lastly, the urgency of the transport can have an impact on the costs. In order to receive a free and non-binding quote, get in touch with our experts. We will let you have a detailed quote within a few minutes.

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