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Is an air ambulance flight despite the Coronavirus possible?

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Is an air ambulance flight despite the Coronavirus possible?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has raised worldwide concern. Since the virus can be transmitted between humans through contact with bodily fluids (for example via coughing and sneezing), this disease is highly contagious. From the Chinese city of Wuhan in the province of Hubei, the disease has spread to many other countries, which lead some countries to ban most travel from many countries.

Can a Coronavirus patient be repatriated?

In general parlance: yes. But there are a lot of different things that need to be considered. Due to the high risk of contagion, a patient with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus is not allowed to travel on a scheduled flight. Only an air ambulance is suitable in such cases. Aboard an air ambulance, an experienced flight doctor looks after the patient, using equipment that is similar to the machines in a modern intensive care ward.

On board the air ambulance, there is only the patient and a medical team equipped with appropriate protective gear in order to prevent the risk of infection of fellow travellers. Further, we will install a modern isolation device which will guarantee the safety of our patient as well as of our medical team. Due to the negative pressure inside the device, the virus cannot leak out to the environment. Also, the used air will be filtered so that there cannot be any risk of infection. The patient lies safely and comfortably in this device while the flight doctor can treat him through some ports, if needed.  

Air ambulances are available worldwide. They can not only use the big commercial airports, but also smaller regional airfields. Hence, they can transport the patient close to the admitting hospital, so that only a short ground transport is necessary. An air ambulance can usually be made available on the same day or the following day.

Your air ambulance with Medical Repatriation UK

We organize your air ambulance flight as quickly as possible. Our ambulance jets transport patients with Coronavirus and provide a safe flight home. We will take care of the entire organization process, provide you with all necessary ground ambulances, and coordinate all pickup and departure times. You can always rely on our vast experience and our international network.

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